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Apple paves the way for the use of Vision Pro in business

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Apple's Vision Pro headset isn't just an entertainment device. It also has enormous potential to boost the productivity of employees in businesses. Moreover, as Apple pointed out, the App Store of the visionOS platform already includes quite a few productivity tools, such as Box, Slack and Notion. And Microsoft already offers a Vision Pro version of its Microsoft 365 applications.

What's missing is a way for businesses to manage their Vision Pro headsets remotely, the same way iPhones or Macs are managed. But here too, Apple is already preparing an update to provide this solution. The firm is already preparing version 1.1 of the visionOS operating system. And as reported by the TechCrunch site, this new version includes support for MDM or mobile device management.

“We know that to unlock the full power of Apple Vision Pro, businesses will want to manage these devices at scale. The good news is that we have a lot of cutting-edge technology to integrate into Vision Pro in this regard,” said Jeremy Butcher, Apple's head of global enterprise product marketing. In other words, thanks to the visionOS 1.1 update, the Vision Pro headset will be more suited to the needs of large businesses. The tools that Apple will offer can be used by services that offer device management solutions to businesses.

A huge success in sight

In any case, for the moment, everything suggests that Apple is on the verge of successfully launching the Vision Pro. While the headset was only pre-ordered, there was already talk of it being out of stock. And according to predictions from a Wedbush analyst, Apple could sell up to 600,000 units this year, then 1 million units in 2025. Additionally, sales could explode when Apple releases a new version of this helmet. Indeed, according to rumors, the company's second mixed reality headset would be a lighter version which would cost less.

Otherwise, it should also be noted that the launch of the Vision Pro could boost the entire AR/VR market. And according to rumors, Meta managers consider the arrival of this new competition as a good thing. Indeed, the fact that Apple is entering this market would be a form of validation, and could increase the general public's interest in augmented reality and virtual reality.

  • In addition to its entertainment potential, the Vision Pro headset is also very interesting for businesses
  • To ensure that the Vision Pro meets the requirements of large groups, Apple will provide this headset with support for MDM
  • This is 'an essential update to facilitate remote management of devices within organizations

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