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Apple pushes us a little more towards the end of the SIM card

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Apple wants to accelerate the end of the use of physical SIM cards, in favor of eSIM. In the United States, the latest iPhones no longer use this old technology, which forces users to adopt the dematerialized SIM card. And this May, the Cupertino company has just taken another step forward, with the launch of its new iPad Pro and iPad Air.

As a reminder, these two new tablets were presented during a keynote on May 7. And the particularity of these is that they are incompatible with physical SIM cards everywhere in the world, and not just in the United States. Even in France, if you want to connect the new iPad Pro or the new iPad Air to mobile networks, you will have to use an eSIM, since there is no longer a slot to insert a card Physical SIM.

Furthermore, following the presentation of these new iPads, some media are wondering if Apple is not also going to get rid of the physical SIM card on the international versions of its next iPhones. In any case, it would be a courageous decision, since the dematerialized SIM card is not yet democratized in all regions. As a reminder, the iPhone 16 series will be released this fall.

Benefits for operators and users

The pace of eSIM adoption depends not only on brands, but also on operators , which must support this technology on their networks. In any case, for a brand like Apple which places a lot of importance on design, the eSIM has a huge advantage. Indeed, exclusively supporting this technology saves space and improves the waterproofing of devices.

On the user side, eSIM makes it easy to change operator, without having to physically insert a card. The eSIM is also very practical for travelers, since it facilitates access to mobile data at destination locations.

    < li>Apple recently introduced its new iPad Pro and iPad Air
  • These are incompatible with physical SIM cards, and require consumers to use an eSIM, even in France
  • In the United States, recent iPhones already work exclusively with eSIMs
  • And we asks if Apple will extend this to the rest of the world on future models

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