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Apple Vision Pro: first tests far from the announced revolution

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The Apple Vision Pro is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated products of 2024. It must be said that the firm has been teasing its efforts in mixed reality for years. And that the presentation of the headset itself, its innovative interaction modes in particular eye tracking associated with a simple gesture to be made with two fingers particularly impressed the audience during the presentation.

As well as the external screen supposed to better connect the wearer of the helmet to the outside world – or the many ergonomic ideas rolled out by Apple in the Vision Pro interface. But inevitably, between the presentation and the tests in real conditions, there may be a certain gap. And it is precisely this gap that we are seeing, as the first tests (very supervised by the firm) fall.

The Vision Pro has a weight and comfort problem

On the positive side, the experience is overall immersive, and creates an emotional connection with the 3D video content… However, this impression is not necessarily always very pleasant, notes Engadget, of being like a ghost in the room. In partnership with Disney+, Apple has also created immersive environments in which it is possible to project yourself.

The feedback on the subject seems rather positive. As is the keyboarding experience. Apple offers two possibilities in this area: look at each key and validate each time by touching the thumb and index finger. Or, lean forward and type on a virtual keyboard… which can have its failures, but should allow you to type faster with a little practice.

However, a major negative point comes up, whether from Engadget or other hand-picked journalists and bloggers: comfort is not (yet ?) there. “Fifteen minutes into my experience, I began to feel weighed down by the device, and five minutes later, I&#8217 ;was in pain”, notes journalist Cherlynn for Engadget.

https://twitter.com/MKBHD /status/1747367564093624348?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

“Damn, this thing is heavy. Also, the typing experience is decent. There are some cool new apps to check out. But wow. So heavy.”

Same story with MKBHD. The star YouTuber is very timid as always in his opinion on the headset. But its weight and what looks like a center of gravity problem resulting in a comfort problem, are also noted by the YouTuber.

  • Apple is starting to put its Vision Pro in the hands of hand-picked journalists.
  • If most of the promises seem to be confirmed, one point comes back to almost everyone who has put it on their head.
  • The helmet is rather heavy, and the current attachment system does not seem to be able to do anything about it.

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