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Apple Vision Pro: look back at a crazy first weekend!

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It's been a few days now since the first journalists and other influencers from around the world were able to discover Apple's brand new Vision Pro. Remember that the Apple headset is priced at $3,499 in the United States, with availability currently reserved only for the American market.

At iFixit, we obviously wanted to discover the insides of the Apple headset. The famous website announces that the assembly of the helmet is particularly complex, if only to remove the front window of the helmet, with the EyeSight screen which displays the user's eyes . The latter is also described as a potential “Achilles heel” of the Vision Pro, while the speakers and the battery are among the strong points of the headset.

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Obviously, the first marketing weekend was also marked by numerous viral videos. Some buyers were quick to use the headset on public transport, much to the amazement of other uses. Others have also taken the initiative (the risk) of using the Vision Pro helmet while driving their Tesla.

Near Jim Cramer, we were also able to come across a driver of the Tesla Cybertruck on American roads, also using the Vision Pro helmet while behind the wheel of his electric pick-up.

Enough to bring to mind for some yet another prediction emanating directly from the cartoon The Simpsons, in which an episode evoked a future in the form of a virtual universe in which our physical and digital environments mix. #8230; even if it means ending up with certain aberrations obviously.

For tech influencer iJustine, we decided to test the Vision Pro headset in a… pool. A “exploit” made possible by attaching the headset battery to his head.

On the side of Casey Nestat, we published this weekend a particularly detailed video of the Apple headset, which peaks at more than 16 million views. We can see the famous British Youtuber testing the Vision Pro in the streets of New York. A particularly detailed video, which allows you to discover many of the Vision Pro's features, and which was widely commented on this weekend.

Obviously, Apple reminds that it is strongly recommended not to use the Vision Pro in certain situations, notably “while driving a vehicle , while riding a bicycle, operating heavy machinery, or in any situation that requires attention for safety purposes.

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