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Apple wants to transform Siri: it will be more precise, faster and smarter

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We are only a few days away from WWDC, Apple's big conference for developers around the world. This showcase historically allows the Apple brand to present the firm's latest software innovations.

It should take advantage of this 2024 edition, which will begin on June 10, to notably announce the major changes expected with iOS 18. The iPhone update, which should be available to the general public next September, could in particular contain developments linked to artificial intelligence.

Apple is very late on this subject, the Cupertino firm wants to take advantage of iOS 18 to catch up with the competition. It would notably focus on a major development made to Siri, the iPhone's voice assistant. According to the latest information about it, it should be able to offer a faster, more precise and more complete response to users with iOS 18.

Siri: everything will change except the name

Several analysis reports suggest in particular that Siri will be able to open documents, move notes, send emails or even request a summary of a press article. All these features, currently inaccessible, need artificial intelligence to function.

According to information from Bloomberg, Siri should be capable with subsequent updates of iOS 18 to launch multiple actions from a single voice command. Another big strength brought this year by Apple, all of these requests (or a large majority of them) will be processed locally on the device. Very good news for the confidentiality of our data, a very important subject for Apple for years.

Not all iPhones will be suitable

This confidentiality, however, comes at a cost, that of performance. To operate artificial intelligence in an iPhone, Apple needs a lot of resources. Particularly those linked to the NPU (neural processing unit). For now, the iPhone 15 Pro, and its Pro Max version are the only two devices that meet these criteria.

The iPhone 16, which will be optimized for these tasks, should all be very comfortable in managing artificial intelligence on a daily basis. The arrival of this new software would therefore not be as universal as that. Users who want to turn to these features in the coming months will surely have to change their smartphone. At least this will be necessary to have the best possible experience, as is often the case with a software innovation from Apple.

As for iPads and Macs, only the Devices with an M1 chip (at least) will be able to operate this new Siri. In addition to the voice assistant, other applications like Safari should be entitled to developments linked to artificial intelligence.

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