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There's a habit that many smartphone users maintain without really thinking about the risks.

Consumer habits have profoundly evolved. with the advent of mobile technology. Nowadays, smartphones are no longer limited to mobile devices. simple communication tools, but have become indispensable companions in almost all aspects of daily life. Whether it's to stay in touch with our loved ones, access information, etc. a multitude of information online, or even make purchases, "teléphones", as they are still called, & ;nbsp;have become gateways to an always-connected world.

This omnipresence has also given rise to new daily habits even within your home, such as compulsive checking of notifications, endless browsing on social networks, or even watching videos streaming for hours. At any time of the day and at any time. anywhere, consulting this device has become a reflex.

Today, a person who owns a smartphone cannot do without it or with difficulty. A study, recently carried out by the platform of the Observatoire de Santé PRO BTP, reveals that only 21% of French people surveyed are capable of living a day without their mobile phone. This growing dependence on technology raises questions about the impact it may have on mental well-being and social interactions.

Speaking of health issues, there is one habit that millions of people should eliminate from their daily lives: plugging in their smartphone before going to sleep. Everyone à routine before going to bed, but this time is often chosen to recharge & both our batteries and those of our precious smartphone. However, an American technology expert, Scott Polderman, has recently noted that the dangers of charging your phone overnight.

Apple warns against this dangerous habit for your phone

Apple recommendations on its site. © Capture Support.apple.com

Through a video on his Tik Tok account, Polderman warns users equipped with protect your iPhone from overheating, fire, or physical damage. It echoes the technology giant’s recommendations: “avoid all skin contact” with your skin. extended with the charging cable and connector when connected to the charger. a power source, as this could cause discomfort or injury. Avoid sleeping or sitting on the charging cable or connector.

Several people have already Many people have reported these issues with their iPhone after plugging in the iPhone. the device & the place where they were sleeping. The official Apple website recommends à its customers to use common sense. If you are one of those people who sleep with their phones on the corner of your pillow, it is better not to take any risks and put your phone far away from it. lit.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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