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Apple will revolutionize Plans on CarPlay (the firm has even patented its idea)

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Since the end of the partnership between Apple and Google around Google Maps on iPhone in 2012, Apple is still struggling, in 2024, to truly compete with the market leader. Certainly, the application has its small advantages on iPhone. It is better integrated with iOS, Apple Watch and consumes much less battery.

However, the search for certain points of interest, as well as certain routes , turn out to be less optimized than those delivered by Google, or Waze (owned since 2013 by Google). Apart from the points mentioned above, the application doesn't really have any killer feature which could allow it to take over the game. advantage over Google Maps, despite the captivity of its users in its own ecosystem.

New features arriving (probably) in Apple Maps with CarPlay

Even without going that far, Apple Maps remains behind Google Maps on certain features. The integration of public transport is less precise – and third-party modes of transport such as bicycles, scooters or VTCs are still not integrated. We note more broadly the absence of real-time information, such as road traffic conditions for example.

It's not that Apple Plans hasn't evolved considerably in recent years. The application has a Street View mode, easy access to points of interest such as gas stations and charging stations for electric cars, and 3D views… However, in the car, if you have CarPlay, it is likely that you will still prefer to use Google Maps or Waze in 2024.

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Apple knows this, and that's why the firm is currently filing interface patents around of its native application on iPhone, iPad and Mac. One of them tells us that Apple is trying to ensure that the application automatically modifies the route, when CarPlay detects that your electric car risks running out of battery.

According to the patent, when the iPhone is connected to a CarPlay compatible car and a route is in progress, a notification is displayed, offering to modify the route to quickly reach a terminal. charging for electric cars. The user can accept or not the itinerary modification (which remains optional, we emphasize, according to the document).

Another interesting new feature , currently absent from Google Maps: the application could recognize the vehicle category and adapt the route to avoid restricted traffic zones: low emissions zone, adapted routes to tall vehicles, etc… For now, it's difficult to say when Apple will offer these new features.

The firm does not systematically file patents for software, which however seems, in our opinion, to make these features new features on which Apple is counting to stand out.

  • A patent filed by Apple describes two new features that should arrive in Maps on CarPlay.
  • L’native application could soon automatically modify your route to reach a charging station.
  • The routes could also adapt to vehicle categories and their possible restricted areas.

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