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Armed Forces major accused of importing ; firearms prohibited in Canada

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Major Ken Barling is a four-time winner of the Queen's Medal for marksmanship. This photo was taken during the 2016 competition.

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Seven handguns, 10 rifles, 45,000 rounds of ammunition: it is this arsenal, most of which is prohibited on Canadian soil, that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) claims to have found after the return from the United States by Major Kendrick Barling.

The weapons and all the paraphernalia, also partly prohibited, were discovered in the major's personal effects. He was back in Canada after being deployed for five years in the United States. He faces 29 charges.

According to A.J. Somerset, a retired military officer, the documents provided by the CBSA in connection with these charges show two AR-15s, among others.

However, Major Barling is a many times decorated sniper. He has won the prestigious Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Shooting Competition on several occasions, we can read in the online publications of the Department of National Defense.

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A portrait of Major Barling at the 2016 National Military Shooting Competition in Ottawa.

Additionally, according to Rory Fowler, Lieutenant-Colonel retired and a lawyer, the situation is likely to have an impact on members of the Canadian Armed Forces for at least some time.

In a press release released on November 15, the CBSA explained that it had laid several firearms-related charges following an investigation and the seizure of various prohibited weapons, including handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and ammunition.

In August 2023, Major Kendrick Barling of the Royal Canadian Air Force returned to Canada after being posted to the United States for five years. Major Barling's personal effects were shipped through Canadian Forces Base Trenton, where numerous undeclared firearms were discovered hidden in the shipment, it added.

The CBSA then explains that it carried out searches in residences in Kingston and Petawawa in October.

During the searches, officers found and seized several firearms and prohibited items:

Source: CBSA press release

Major Barling therefore faces 29 charges, including nine of knowingly importing weapons or devices prohibited into Canada.

The CBSA press release does not specify the type or brand of weapons associated with the charges. In response to a request for details, Jacqueline Roby, a spokesperson for the agency, responded by email: As certain elements of this matter are still under investigation, we cannot share details. x27;additional information.

However, several photos of firearms and associated paraphernalia accompany the press release.

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This image is taken from the CBSA press release. It is accompanied by the following caption: “Handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, ammunition and magazines seized in October 2023.”

Mr. Fowler recalls that these photos illustrate weapons seized during searches of Ontario residences in October. It specifies that authorities do not need to obtain a warrant from a judge to search the suitcases of a person crossing a border and returning to Canada.

Even so, Somerset says the photos accompanying the release show two AR-15s. Mr. Somerset, of Windsor, Ontario, is the author of Arms : The Culture and Credo of the Gun.

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This image is taken from the CBSA press release. It is accompanied by the following bottom vignette: “Firearms and magazines seized in October 2023”.

These weapons have marked the imagination in due to their frequent use in mass shootings in the United States.

In 2020, the Government of Canada banned the sale, purchase, transportation, import or use of 1,500 models and variants of firearms. The AR-15 is one of them. These weapons were designed for one purpose: to kill as many people as quickly as possible, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared at the time.

Major Kendrick Barling of the Royal Canadian Air Force won the Queen's Medal for Sniper several times in his career. This is awarded each year at the conclusion of the national military shooting competition, according to a publication on the Canadian government website.

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This photo of Kendrick Barling was taken on the occasion of his 2013 victory. It is accompanied by the following caption: “Transport by sedan chair of the winners of the Queen's Medals of the Regular Force and the Force reserve is a long-standing tradition at the Canadian Armed Forces small arms competition.”

Articles from 2013 and 2014 published on canada.ca state that Major Barling, who was a captain at the time, won the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Competition three years in a row between 2011 and 2014, a first.

Another article explains that he won another medal in 2016.

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Major Barling was carried by his colleagues once again after his victory in 2016.

The charges facing Major Barling could bother members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are deployed in the United States, according to Mr. Fowler. This reminds us that soldiers are subject to the same rules as all Canadians when they cross the border.

It is very likely that members of the Canadian Forces returning to Canada […] will be very worried […] about the idea of ​​doing subject to increased surveillance by the CBSA because of this, suggests the Kingston, Ontario lawyer.

The accused's next appearance is scheduled for December 22, 2023, reads the CBSA press release.

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