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Arsenal - Lens LIVE:

At the end of a nightmarish evening, Lens was defeated. atomized by Arsenal (0-6). A heavy defeat which seals the fate of the Artesians in this Champions League, of which they will not see the round of 16.

Arsenal - Lens LIVE: the Blood and Gold humiliated and eliminated, the summary of the match

Arsenal 6: 0

Arsenal - Lens LIVE: the Sang et Or humiliated and eliminated, the summary of the match

RC Lens Live

23:35 – Good night

Thanks to all and all everyone for following this match between Arsenal and Lens with us on linternaute.com.


The people of Lens dreamed of a new glorious English campaign, in memory of the exploit of their elders 25 years ago. However, dreams do not necessarily come true and that of the men of Franck Haise was shattered. on the terrible and implacable reality. At the Emirates Stadium, the Sang et Or were able to appreciate the difference between a team used to playing football. excellence and built for the conquest of titles and another, invited surprise but not really his place.

Very early on, the people of Lens understood that they were not going to have fun and were even going to experience complicated moments in this gala evening. Perhaps not in these proportions. As with Bollaert at the start of October, Arsenal waited until the end of the first quarter of an hour to strike. A lucky opener from Havertz, who took advantage of a header from Gabriel Jesus, at the offside limit on a cross from Tomiyasu. Samba touched the ball well but couldn't deflect it completely. Severe; where the scenario deviated of the crazy evening in Lens, it's only' Arsenal further accentuated their hold, through their pressing, their races, their intensity. in duels and his intentions. The Gunners did not want to relive Thomasson’s equalizer and pressed loud, so strong that they shattered the visitors.

Then ten minutes of nightmare began for RC Lens, ten minutes where They sank collectively, carried away by the London waves. It was first Gabriel Jesus who with formidable arrogance hooked Danso and Medina, late after a series of unfavorable counterattacks, before deceiving Samba. Two minutes passed and Saka added more. At the origin of the previous action where he tore through the Lensoise defense with ease. disconcerting, the English prodigy took a poorly repelled Martinelli shot from the lower abdomen or thigh; by the northern doorman. Four minutes later, at In the 27th, the Brazilian this time left no chance for his victory. the international tricolor. On a clearance, transformed into a in a precise opening, from Tomiyasu, he was responsible for making Frankowski move back, cut inside and opened his right foot to accommodate the ball inside. the opposite in the small net. We hadn't been playing for half an hour before everything was decided.

If he sketched a semblance of rebellion which lasted around ten minutes, the time for Medina to smash the post with a dry strike from the left, Lens no longer really believed in it and once again gave in little before the break on a volley from Odegaard. A final cannon shot in a first act whereù the Lens lines were pierced. The rest was anecdotal, the Gunners releasing the pressure and contenting themselves with controlling a match that belonged to them. Lens did not get the slightest situation, except through Wahi in added time. A closed angle strike on which Gabriel tackled with ferocity. The score had increased a little more following the transformed penalty by Jorginho.

What matter in the end, the damage was done and Lens already had to do something about it. plan ahead. The guest surprise is no longer there and has been told to leave by the English captain. In two weeks, the Sang et Or will have one last evening in the Champions League against Sevilla with the need to play their part. not to lose to heal your wounds in the Europa League.

23:22 – A historic defeat

By sinking 0-6 on the pitch at the Emirates Stadium, Lens conceded; the heaviest defeat in history for a French club since the creation of the Champions League in 1992.

23:15 – Update on the Group B

At the end of the 5th day of the Champions League, Arsenal is assured of victory. to finish first with 12 points. The English club is ahead of PSV Eindhoven who has 8 units and has secured his second place, no longer able to be joined by Lens thanks to his particularly favorable goal difference against the Artesians. They are in third place with 5 points and are three lengths ahead of Sevilla FC (2 pts).

1. Arsenal – 12 pts/2. PSV Eindhoven – 8 pts/3. Lens – 5 pts/4. Sevilla – 2 pts.

23:05 – Lens eliminated

By bowing on the Arsenal pitch, Lens said goodbye to his teammates. his dreams of the round of 16 of the Champions League. Indeed, the Northerners had to at least hold on to a draw; London to hope to continue in C1, to the extent that PSV Eindhoven had beaten Sevilla earlier in the evening (3-2). Third, they will have to avoid losing to the Andalusians on the final day to have the right to play in the Europa League in the spring.

23:00 – Thomasson

's reaction"We expected a very competitive team, leader of its championship in England. We prepared for the event. as best as possible but we must admit that this evening, they were much stronger than us and to a large extent. 5-0 to half-time… In the second half, we found ourselves behind. the motivation to respect the jersey and the club,” explained Adrien Thomasson, at the microphone of Canal+ before looking ahead to the future. "It's not over yet. The last match against Sevilla is going to be very important. If we beat Sevilla and lose in the Europa League, it will still be a very good competition. We don't forget where we came from. we come and we look forward to being there. Bollaert."

Lens bows very heavily against the enemy. Arsenal and says goodbye to the Champions League (0-6). The Artesians were swept away during a nightmarish first period and did not have the physical, mental and technical resources to save their honor. For their part, Arsenal showed great mastery and intensity in the game. impressive which made it easier for him to achieve his goals. in the evening.

Wahi is found in the area and finds himself in a striking position, the angle of 6 meters. The attacker shoots from the right but sees Gabriel tackled. in front of him and prevent him from scoring. The Brazilian defender harangues the crowd.

22:51 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of added time in this second period between Arsenal and Lens.

22:50 – Samba anticipates

Kiwior extends with a pass in the back of the Lensoise defense. It's for Nketiah but Samba has read the situation well and comes out. the limit of its surface to capture.

Jorginho takes responsibility to take the penalty. The Italian midfielder opens his right foot and takes the lead. counterbalance Samba to further increase the score to the 86th minute.

After; After a moment of hesitation, Mr. Dias Correia looks at the images on his control screen and believes that in the duel with Martinelli, Khusanov touches the ball with his hand. But his arm is well off the ground; at the time of contact. The referee points to the penalty spot.

22:42 – Last change for Arsenal

Arteta makes his last replacement with the exit of Gabriel Jesus and the entry of Nketiah, at the 82nd minute.

22:41 – Khusanov extinguishes the counter

Odegaard sends White deep, who has the whole corridor open in front of him. The lateral is progressing and wants to give in to the axis. Martinelli but Khusanov is well placed.

22:37 – Complicated restart for Lens

Samba puts Lens in difficulty Khusanov on his right. The young Uzbek is in a hurry very high by Odegaard but succeeds in achieving get out of it. The Lensois ultimately came out of it with calm and precision despite the odds. five Gunners to go their kit.

22:35 – Two simultaneous changes

In the 75th minute, the two coaches each proceeded to make a move. a change. For Lens, it is Mendy who gives up his place to Lens. Pereira Da Costa, whileà Arsenal, it's Rice who leaves the pitch for Jorginho.

22:34 – Odegaard countered

After a poorly delivered lateral pass by Kiwior, Rice secures the ball and breaks the Lensoise first line with a good pass for Nelson. The latter, àgrave; the right angle of the surface, is blocked and plays behind Odegaard whose left shot is deflected for a corner.

22:30 – Bad cross from Haïdara

Side left, Haïdara tries her hand at a cross from afar but his ball flies too close to Raya who grabs it above a Wahi, who couldn't challenge it.

22:30 – El Aynaoui's head clearance

On a free kick kicked from 30 m on the axis, El Ayanoui appreciates the trajectory and is located at the fall to remove the danger from the head.

Side left, near the corner post, Havertz plays past Khusanov and runs along the goal line before crossing back. At the entrance to the area, Odegaard delivered a sharp shot from the left, which was deflected by Danso before being stopped by Samba but not captured. The ball is contested before the referee indicates a foul on Machado.

22:26 – Saka leaves the pitch

25 minutes from the end of time left. parliamentary, Saka returns to the Arsenal bench for the benefit of Nelson.

22:25 – Haïdara takes a yellow

Haïdara is committed and wants to impact Odegaard but the Malian loses control, misses the ball and comes to tackle the ball. the ankle of the captain of the Gunners. He is logically warned.

22:24 – New Lensois change

In the 62nd minute, Haise calls Gradit back onto the bench and gives minutes to the very young Uzbek Khusanov.

22:22 – Too long for Machado

Good Lens sequence at the end of which Frnkowski finds himself in the position of playmaker. He opens his right foot and sends the ball deep behind White's back. It's a little too long for Machado.

22:21 – Frankowski can't find Thomasson

The Lensois set the game at the same time. straight and in a rearward position in its half on the ground, Frankowski attempts a very long pass forward. It's for Thomasson who made the call between the two centrals but the ball from the Polish full-back is not rolled up enough. and file up to Raya.


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