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As useless as it is expensive, Netflix markets the headset from its series The 3-Body Problem

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Netflix is ​​full of ideas to appeal to fans of its series and films. For several years, subscribers to the platform have been able to obtain t-shirts, plush toys, figurines and other products derived from their favorite licenses, such as Stranger Things, The Bridgerton Chronicles or Squid Game.

< p>A few days ago, Netflix launched its new phenomenon series, The 3-Body Problem. Without any real surprise or suspense, the streaming platform unveiled a collection of products in the colors of its new science fiction series. So, there are caps, t-shirts, a very pretty shirt and… The strange virtual reality headset that the protagonists of 3-Body Problem discover.

The 3-Body Problem helmet on sale

In The Problem with 3 Corps, the protagonists cross paths with a strange virtual reality headset. Without button, without logo, without port, the headset is veryminimalist. However, it is very important in the plot of the series. Indeed, when the heroes receive it and are “invited” to play, the headset immerses them in a remarkably realistic virtual world. So realistic that they are able to feel the touch of the characters they meet in the game. This strange VR headset is one of the first major questions when watching the series. Over the course of the episodes, we learn more about this particular helmet, its provenance and its usefulness.

To sell this unique headset, Netflix is ​​tickling those who have seen the series: “Only those who have been invited can play a game that goes further”. Things are clear, at least.

As useless as it is expensive, Netflix markets the headset from its series The 3-Body Problem

© Netflix

Rest assured: the events of 3-Body Problemare not about to happen here. If the headset is indeed on sale, it will not immerse you in an ultra-realistic game and you will not be able to save the world with it.

It is , of course, a decorative element that can join your collection of derivative products. Made from polycarbonate with silver chrome and weighing around 113 grams, this helmet serves no purpose but at least has the advantage of being pretty. If its price is enough to discourage more than one (145 euros, all the same), it turns out that the helmet of the 3-Body Problem is already out of stock. So… We can only hope for an April Fool's Day (in bad taste).

If you want to get your hands on this beautiful (but rather futile) headset, you can enter your email address. All you have to do is hope to receive a message to announce its return to stock and get it. If you are a fan, we advise you to opt for a cap, a t-shirt or a shirt.

  • The 3-Body Problem VR headset is on sale by Netflix
  • Of course, it's not the same headset
  • It's about a decorative object

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