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Atalanta - OM: end of the dream for the Marseillais, the match summary

Asphyxiation and outclassed, Olympique de Marseille sank; in Italy (0-3) and bids farewell à the Europa League, abandoning qualification for the final à an attractive Atalanta Bergamo.

Atalanta - OM: end of the dream for the Marseillais, the match summary

Atalanta 3: 0 < img alt = "score OM" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/3i42EkHd41PV5QY_MGB4ZKERI3Q=/450X/SMART/DB4D8129ACF549258AC3745A379711C6/CCMCMS .png " /> OM Live

09/05/24 – 23:52 – End of live

Olympique de Marseille will quickly have to digest the disillusionment of their elimination in the Europa League semi-finals and refocus on their end of the season in Ligue 1. Ninths, the Marseillais have only three matches to hope to secure a European place. Sunday, à On the 33rd day of the championship, they will face Lorient, 17th.

Atalanta - OM: end of the dream for the Marseillais, the match summary

You had to see him, his eyes red and moist, his gaze lost in the din of the small enclosure of Bergamo. Forbidden, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could not hold back his tears, streaming down his face like one fleeing a situation of despair. At almost 35 years old, his dream of playing in the Europa League final had just been taken away from him. by an outrageously dominant Atalanta Bergamo. More than the pain of defeat and elimination, the Gabonese's tears also contained the frustration of having passed. à side of the meeting, of not having been able or able to exist in the Bergamo steam room.

Everything could have been so different if Ndiaye had done the right thing. Returning from the locker room, the Senegalese international escaped behind the back of the Italian defense and saw it. ;that Musso had left his line. An exit between two waters, opening a shooting window. There, he decided to try the lob. The right option but not the right implementation. With his right foot, he executed his gesture poorly and sent the ball to his right foot. right of the opposing goal. OM had just missed their chance to equalize and perhaps change the course of the evening. However, it was written that nothing would go the way of the Marseillais. Indeed, a few moments later, in a game of communicating vases, Ruggeri leaned on Lookman and infiltrated the surface. Sharper than Clauss, he then opened his right foot and placed his shot in the top corner. For a long time there To prevent the breasts from taking on water, Pau Lopez could do nothing this time. A sequence that sounded the death knell for French hopes.

These had also been  é very seriously diminished, stifled upon entry by an unleashed Dea. Gasperini's formation thus imposed constant and all-terrain pressing, and never released the pressure. Not even when OM lowered their weapons. In front of her audience, she was on a mission. That of reaching the first European final in its history. To do this, she added the necessary ingredients to it. know the virtuosityé and intensity in the wake of De Ketelaere. The Belgian will have been é a poison for the Marseillais which never succeeds; follow his movements or &agrav; prevent him from infiltrating as he saw fit. It took an excellent Pau Lopez to deflect a first attempt from a tight angle onto the post with his fingertips. à left, then to stop a shot from the other side after he had mystified Merlin. Not being able to do it alone, the player ready to take action. by AC Milan turned into a passer and found Lookman à LEFT. The Nigerian then took charge of breaking the deadlock with a strike that was slightly deflected by Gigot and put out of reach. ;e of the Marseille goalkeeper.

The Dea then led very logically and would have had to do so. fly away without the interposition of the French crossbar in front of Scamacca. It's this lack of relative realism that offered the opportunity to à Ndiaye equalized but OM did not deserve to come back. In Italy, Jean-Louis Gasset and his men could only note the gap that separated them from their adversaries, cornered in their camps throughout the meeting. Outclassed, they even conceded a final goal at the end of added time. Starting from the middle line, Touré sowed Balerdi from the left and rolled up with the right à the opposite his ball to close the mark. The end point of a party to which the Marseillais were not invited and the sad end of their European epic. In the center of the field, Aubameyang could not hold back his tears.

09/05/24 – 23:20 – Leverkusen always more irrational

In the other Europa League semi-final, Bayer Leverkusen once again defied time. Led 0-2 à Still 10 minutes from the end of regular time, which potentially meant extra time, the Germans let the Germans take over. operated on the magic that has accompanied them since the start of the season. Put back in the game by Mancini &agrave's own goal. the 82nd, they once again found the means to equalize at the end of added time (2-2) to sign a 49th (!) match without defeat. Xabi Alonso and his gang therefore qualify, à the favor of their 2-0 victory à the first leg, for the final of the competition where they will find Atalanta Bergamo.

09/05/24 – 23:05 – Balerdi's reaction

"I am very sad because we couldn'not be able to give the gift à our supporters and &agrav; the city that waited ça. You will have to try à again next season and give more", saidé Lenardo Balerdi appeared stunned at the microphone of Canal+. "We gave it our all! but it's not enough to go to the final."

09/05/24 – 23:00 – Big premiere for Atalanta

By dominating Olympique de Marseille, Atalanta Bergamo offered itself the privilege of playing in the first European final in its history. The Bergamasques will go à Dublin to try to win the title. It will be face à AS Roma or Bayer Leverkusen.

Olympique de Marseille stops in the semi-finals (0-3). Suffocated by the incessant pressing of their opponents, the Marseillais were never able to get up to speed and cast doubt on the inhabited Bergamasques who were largely superior in all areas of the game. They may nevertheless regret a few situations like this missed lob; of Ndiaye who could have changed a lot of things.

On a lightning counter, Touré overflows Balerdi on the side left and goes to deceive Pau Lopez from inside the right. Atalanta scores its third goal after added time and secures its qualification for the Europa League final.

09/05/24 – 22:48 – Fireworks à Bergamo

Even before the final whistle, Atalanta Bergamo fans light fireworks. The party is going to be great in Italy.

09/05/24 – 22:47 – Veretout on..Musso

From 30 m in the center, Veretout puts too much into his free kick and his ball goes straight into Musso's gloves.

09/05/24 – 22:46 – Additional time: 4 minutes

There will be four minutes of added time in this Europa League semi-final second leg. The Bergamo supporters are singing and just waiting to hear more. celebrate the qualification of their team for the final.

09/05/24 – 22:45 – OM stuck in his camp

There are two minutes left in normal time and Atalanta Bergamo still does not weaken, continuing to exert its pressure in the half of the game. of Marseille land. The Marseillais are unable to shake off this incessant pressure.

09/05/24 – 22:42 – Moumbagna dabs Musso

On a long ball, the Italian defense awkwardly extends with a header. Behind him, Moumbagna is very close to taking advantage but he cannot get ahead of Musso, whom he hits, carrying him away. by its course. Foul by the Marseille attacker.

09/05/24 – 22:38 – Touré misses his gesture

On a cross from Ruggeri coming from the right, Touré tries à a return acrobatic and barely misses the ball.

05/09/24 – 10:36 p.m. – Pau Lopez à the parade

From 20 m on the left, Koopmeiners fires a dry strike from the left. It forces Pau Lopez to realizeé a stop on his line.

09/05/24 – 22:36 – Moumbagna cannot find Aubameyang

On a long ball in front, Moumbagna snatches away the lead. the race to get ahead of his opponent. Feeling short, he tackles to give his ball in the axis where Aubameyang arrives. De Roon is ahead of the Gabonese.

09/05/24 – 22:34 – OM still cornered< /h3>

Olympique de Marseille does not succeed and gets entangled in the Bergamo web. Gigot tries to play over the top but the ball is immediately lost due to Italian pressing. Behind, Aubameyang gets annoyed and commits a frustrating foul on Hateboer.

09/05/24 – 22:33 – The last changes from Atalanta

In the 76th minute, Gasperini finishes his coaching and brings out Zappacosta and Lookman to give playing time & ;agrave; Hateboer and Touré.

09/05/24 – 22:32 – Ounahi in support

On a recovered ball, Atalanta plays quickly forward. It's à left into Lookman's feet. The Nigerian stares at Balerdi, refocuses but the door closes with the withdrawal of Ounahi.

09/05/24&amp ;nbsp;- 22:30 – Moumbagna signalé offside

From the halfway line, Luis Henrique plays deep behind the opposing defense. It is in the direction of Moumbagna which is signposted. off-side. The Cameroonian attacker, however, seemed to be on the same line as Hien.

09/05/24  – 22:29 – Gasset à the offensive

20 minutes from the end of regular time and in the hope of turning the tide of the match, Gasset recalls his two lat& ;eacute;rals Merlin and Clauss to send Luis Henrique and Moumbagna into the field.

09/05/24 – 22:27 – Djimsiti acrobatically

Launching from afar, Aubameyang makes the call behind the Bergamo defense. Veretout sees this and seeks à play over the top for his attacker but Djimsiti manages to clear the ball with a return acrobatic.

09/05/24 – 22:25 – Aubameyang in the wall

< p>25 m in the center, Aubameyang takes charge of hitting the free kick which he himself obtained. The Gabonese lacks conviction and his right shot hits the Bergamo wall.

09/05/24 – 22:24 – Merlin relieves his camp

Atalanta Bergamo exploits all the spaces left by the Marseille full-backs. Behind Clauss, Koopmeiners overflows and at the end crosses back. Merlin's intervention is needed to avert the danger within 6 meters of Marseille.

09/05/24&nbsp ;- 22:22 – Harit stops

Clauss extends from a backward position. It's for Harit who is surprisingly alone at home. 25 m with space in front of him. Unfortunately, the French international's pass is a little too deep and his Moroccan counterpart doesn't believe it and stops his run before even having tried.

OM comes very close to reducing the gap. On a long free kick, around 30 m, Veretout extends towards the surface. His ball is badly hit; and too high for a teammate to catch it but it is poorly appreciated. by Musso and falls quickly to crash into the top of the Italian crossbar. No luck for the Marseillais.


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