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Attack in Arras: the attacker influenced before he committed the act?

“Attack in Arras: the assailant influenced before he carried out the act?”

The attacker's older brother and another inmate, incarcerated for terrorism, could have influenced the attack. Mohammed Mogouchkov before the attack in the Arras high school.

The essentials

  • A knife attack took place this Friday, October 13 in a high school in the city of Paris. Gambetta-Carnot school in Arras. A professor was killed and three people, a PE teacher and two establishment agents, were arrested. injured by several stab wounds.
  • A citizen gathering took place this Sunday, on the Place des Héros, at Arras, at the call from the municipality.
  • The assailant was killed. arrested by the police. He is a former high school student at the age of 18. 20 years old and of Chechen origin. File S for radicalization for several days, he was the subject of close surveillance by the General Directorate of Security. (DGSI). His family is known to the police for radicalization. Eleven people are currently in custody. sight, including the assailant.
  • According to information from Parisien, a certain Maxime C., incarcerated for encouraging co-inmates to commit an attack, is part of the attacker's network.
  • The services of the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, announced this Friday evening France went on “emergency attack” alert. This is the highest alert level provided for under the Vigipirate system. Saturday October 14, the Louvre Museum, then the park and the Château de Versailles were visited. evacuated, after emergency alerts the bomb.


2:00 p.m. – Gabriel Attal at TF1's 20 Hours

Two days after the assassination of a literature professor at Arras, the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, will speak on the set of TF1's 20 Hours.

1:25 p.m. – Two people injured in ; Marseille in a knife attack

According to BFM Marseille Provence, a man attacked stabbing a business in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille this Saturday, October 14, injuring two staff members. According to the local media, has no link with the context of the threat of attack.

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13:01 – The attacker influenced ?

According to Le Parisien, in Mohammed Mogouchkov's network there is a certain Maxime C., currently placed in prison. on guard seen, but incarcerated for encouraging co-inmates to commit an attack, in prison and elsewhere; outside.

12:35 – No "warning signs", according to Élisabeth Borne

In an interview given to La Tribune du Dimanche, Élisabeth Borne returned to the assassination of a teacher in a high school in Arras, Friday October 13: “We did not have, despite the close surveillance to which he was subject, of warning signs, of his will to move on to the act"

12:10 – The mayor of Arras pays tribute to Dominique Bernard

During the gathering at Arras, this Sunday, the mayor of the city spoke: “We are all gathered, united standing for Dominique Bernard, for his family, for his children.”

11:46 – Manuel Valls defends the non-expulsion of the attacker's family

On franceinfo, the former Prime Minister explained: why the assailant's family had not left the French territory in 2014: "My firm consideredé that the family being there for more than 5 years and with children in school from CP to CM1 met the criteria of the Valls circular, so she was not accepted. expelled"

11:29 – An open listening cell

A telephone cell was tapped. implemented yesterday for the academy staff after the attack at the Gambetta high school. It remains open this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 6 p.m., and tomorrow at from 9 a.m. She can be reached at

11:03 – Start of the gathering at Arras

The gathering in tribute to the professor killedé in a high school in Arras at the beginning of his career. on the Place des Héros.

10:35 – The father of the assailant identified in Georgia

According to information from BFMTV, citing a source close to the case, the father of the attacker, with whom he was killed. in contact in the days preceding his move to the act, was identified in Georgia.

09:55 – Eleven people in custody view

Eleven people, including the assailant, were killed. placed in custody seen in the investigation into the attack which cost life outside a teacher and injured three other people. Questioned by the DGSI, the alleged murderer continues to remain silent on the reasons for his action.

09:30 – A gathering planned for 11 a.m. to Arras

Two days after the assassination of Dominique Bernard in a high school in Arras, the municipality called à a "citizen gathering", in tribute to the professor, "in support of the victims and "in solidarity with the à the Community "Educational de Gambetta". People will be able to leave flowers, and the city's sirens will be triggered.

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