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Attack in Russia: automatic weapons, fire, Daesh claim... What we know the day after the bloody attack

More than a hundred people lost their lives during the attack on Friday March 22, near Moscow, Russia. This Saturday, March 23, the Kremlin announced the arrest of four alleged attackers. The toll continues to rise.

Shock wave in Russia. In the aftermath of the attack, New York à Moscow, tributes multiply while the circumstances of the attack become clearer. This Saturday, March 23, the investigators, who had announced to open an investigation for a "terrorist act", announced that these "terrorists usedé a flammable liquid to set fire à the concert hall where There were spectators, specifying that they had seized "automatic weapons" used during this assault, claimed by by the jihadist group Islamic State", reports Ouest-France.

According to a journalist present in the Crocus City Hall concert hall, located near Moscow, on Friday evening, the individuals shot at a gun. at the crowd before throwing a "grenade" or an "firebomb", which caused a fire. Information confirmed by Russian press agencies.

Washington had warned Moscow of a possible attack

"Early this month, the U.S. government had information about a planned terrorist attack on Washington. Moscow […]", declaredé Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the Security Council American National Commission which adds that the És United States had warned Russia, specifying that it could target "large gatherings, including concerts&quot ; &agrav; Moscow, relays Ouest-France.

The Director of Security Services (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov announced "the arrest of eleven people, including the four terrorists directly involved in the attack", according to Russian press agencies, reports the French newspaper. They were é arrested in a border region with Ukraine and planned to flee there, according to the FSB. Interpol said that his services were ready to serve. help Russian investigators.

A "bloody attack"

Searches in the rubble will continue for "several days", warns Governor Andreï Vorobiov, on Télégramme, relays the daily life. The toll is getting heavier around a hundred deaths this Saturday, March 23. According to the first elements of the investigation, the causes of these deaths are "gunshot wounds" and inhalation of fire smoke, indicated the Committee investigation.

Russian diplomacy denounced a "bloody terrorist attack". West-Franceexplains that Russia has already été the target of numerous terrorist attacks in the past. In 1999, hundreds of Russians were killed. killed in two building explosions. 130 people had been killed, three years later, during a hostage-taking in a theater. The heavy toll of the Crocus City Hall attack places this attack among the deadliest in the country's history.

International Reaction Rain



Faced with the tragedy, and despite ideological differences, the reactions international events have multiplied since Friday March 22. The White House addressed his thoughts to the victims of the attack. The European Union said, as for she, “shocked and dismayed”. One of its spokespersons, Peter Stano, published a message on the social network and that she addresses her "thoughts" &agrav; "All Russian citizens affected". The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reacted on social networks. "The images reaching us from Moscow are terrible. Our thoughts are with the victims and injured and the Russian people. “All light must be shed on these odious acts,” he wrote.

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