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Attack in the metro in Lyon: what we know about the suspect with a “charged” psychiatric profile

The author of the knife attack that occurred in the Lyon metro on Sunday May 26 was arrested. arrested and placed on guard &agrav; view. The suspect is unknown to the police, but presents a “fairly heavy” psychiatric profile.

His motivations still remain unclear. determine. The author of the knife attack which took place on line B of the Lyon metro, in the 7th arrondissement, on Sunday May 26 around 2:30 p.m. , was é arrested by the anti-crime brigade and placed on guard &agrav; view. The Lyon public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into "attempted voluntary homicide" after the attack which left four injured, including two serious, between the Debourg and Jean Jaurès stations.

The suspect, an elderly man 27 years old and of Moroccan origin, did not express of demands after his action and did not have any disagreements with metro travelers before being violent according to a source quoted by Franceinfo.

Terrorist act or gesture of an imbalance ?

The knife attack in Lyon was not carried out claimed as a terrorist act by its perpetrator or another entity at the moment and 'there is no item' making it possible to accredit the trail of terrorist motivation, clarified a police source à AFP. If the terrorist hypothesis is not favored, the investigators have not indicated have it completely pushed aside.

The profile of the suspect and perpetrator of the attack is being established. The man "is unknown from the files" police services, particularly those of intelligence, said the Rhône prefecture in a press release. But "he was the subject of several hospitalizations due to psychiatric problems,” the prefecture in a press release. Prefect Fabienne Buccio indicated that during a press briefing that the individual 'has made several visits to several psychiatric hospitals in several regions" also indicatedé Fabienne Buccio. According to her, the suspect "does not present a particular profile other than a fairly heavy psychiatric profile".

If the man is unknown to the police, he is unknown to the administration since he does what he does. subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF) pronounced by the Vienna prefecture in 2022 declared the prefect of Rhône who says she ignores the reasons for the non-execution of the OQTF.

Four victims including two serious

The knife attack in the Lyon metro left four people injured on Sunday May 26. Two people were arrested. affected in the thorax and abdomen and were in absolute emergency when the emergency services intervened, but without their vital prognosis being compromised. The third victim was killed. injured in the arm and a fourth person was injured. more lightly injured according to the Rhône prefecture. Many witnesses to the scene, uninjured but shocked, were killed. supported "by a psychological support unit".

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