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Attempted murder: Ruby Bélanger-Couture released

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The investigation into restoration freedom was heard at the Amos courthouse.

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Ruby Bélanger-Couture was released on conditions Thursday morning at the Amos courthouse. The 30-year-old woman faces five charges, including one of attempted murder, in connection with events that occurred on October 31 in La Morandière-Rochebaucourt.

In this case, Ruby Bélanger-Couture is also accused of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon against the same alleged victim, a septuagenarian who had been seriously injured in the head in an altercation, according to facts reported by the Sûreté du Québec. She is also accused of the theft of the motor vehicle in which she was apprehended by the police in Senneterre.

The suspect is also released in another case, this one concerning an accusation of mischief in Val-d'Or.

Ruby Bélanger-Couture had been detained since her arrest. She underwent a psychiatric evaluation to determine her criminal responsibility, the findings of which have not yet been addressed in court.

During the duration of the legal proceedings, the accused must avoid any contact with the alleged victims in her two cases and follow the therapies appropriate to her condition. He is prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs as well as possessing weapons.

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She is due back in court on January 24 in Val-d'Or and January 26 in Amos.

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