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Attention ! Your Citroën's airbag may have a fatal defect!

© Citroën

For many years now, recalls have been a common procedure in the automotive world. If they discover a safety problem or if certain models do not meet automobile safety standards, manufacturers issue a recall, inviting affected users to return their vehicle to the dealership. Recalls which spare (almost) no one, since at the end of last year, it was Tesla which was forced to carry out a massive recall in the United States.

Thousands of Citroën C3 and DS3 recalled by the brand

Today, it is the French brand Citroën which must carry out a major recall, to say the least, since it concerns tens of thousands of drivers in France. The vehicles concerned are the second generation C3 (2009/20016) but also certain third generation models (until May 2019). Nearly 600,000 vehicles would be affected.

Attention ! Your Citroën's airbag may have a fatal defect!

© Citroën

Added to this is the very popular DS3, also affected by this recall, with vehicles developed between 2009 and 2019. All affected drivers have been/will be informed by mail. As always, it is possible to find out if your vehicle is part of the recall by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) on the Citroën or DS website.

The propellant in the driver and passenger airbags may deteriorate over time. In the event of an accident in which the airbags deploy, they could rupture with too much force, injuring the vehicle occupants” can we read on the Rappel Conso website. Airbags developed by the Japanese company Takata, already affected by a similar recall in the past.

Citroën has already confirmed that it will cover 100% of any costs incurred by the repair, and will also provide a courtesy vehicle if necessary.

Last March, a survey ventured to draw up a list of the most reliable automobile brands, based on more than 30,000 motorists spread across the old continent, having responded to a questionnaire on their vehicle.

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