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Augmented reality: after the failure of Google Glass, the firm is preparing its return

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Google had indicated that it would make announcements related to augmented reality during its I/O conference. As a result, some expected the firm to present a new platform, or even a new product based on this technology. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

However, Google is preparing a new offensive in the field of augmented reality. As a reminder, the firm is no stranger to this technology. Google even became a pioneer when it launched its Google Glass glasses in 2013. However, these glasses were not a hit with the general public. And finally, the project was completely abandoned in 2023.

However, Google is preparing something better. During the I/O conference, the firm presented a new project called the Astra project, linked to artificial intelligence. This is Google’s “vision” for the assistant of the future, for augmented reality, which is capable of understanding the user’s environment. Google's demonstration begins on a smartphone. But at some point, it switches to connected glasses. And the demo even shows what Google's smart glasses prototype looks like.

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Google prepares content in augmented reality

It should be remembered that on smartphones, Google already offers a platform augmented reality, via AR Core technology which is integrated into Android. During the I/O conference, the firm announced the integration of augmented reality content on Google Maps.

“Users can discover AR content by simply searching for a location in Google Maps. If the selected point of interest has AR content and the user is nearby, they simply tap the image that says “’ AR Experience » and lift his phone, as he would with Lens in Maps”, explains the company. Moreover, this augmented reality experience is available in Paris.

Google is also strengthening the tools that allow creators to develop these augmented reality experiences. The firm also explains that these augmented reality experiences on Google Maps lay the foundations for the mixed reality platform that it is developing with Samsung and Qualcomm.

An expected announcement

As a reminder, in 2023, during the launch of its flagships, Samsung formalized its collaboration with Google and Qualcomm to develop an augmented reality product. This product has not arrived yet. But, according to Android Authority, Google has confirmed that announcements related to this project will be made later. A priori, Google should offer a new platform for augmented reality, while Qualcomm will provide the processor which will be used by this new product developed with Samsung.

  • Google is a pioneer in augmented reality, but it ended up abandoning its Google Glass project
  • However, a new offensive is preparing and Google will be able to rely on AI, and on a new partnership with Samsung
  • As a reminder, Samsung announced, in 2023, that it is developing a mixed reality product with Google and Qualcomm

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