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Avatar: this revelation about the film's special effects stunned fans


This is not a discovery, but the first two Avatar films were particularly innovative in terms of special effects. But we did not expect to discover new information on this subject concerning the first feature film released in 2009.

https://twitter. com/JohnDiLillo/status/1745204904522547523?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Le Journalist John DiLillo noted that visual effects were used for a seemingly innocuous scene involving glass. And our colleague explains, with supporting visuals:

I'm still learning that things I thought were obviously physical in Avatar were actually CGI. All GLASS is CG!!! This film was 15 years old and I've seen it a dozen times and I hadn't even considered the possibility.

Avatar never ceases to surprise us

Precisely, the use of CGI undoubtedly had a practical aspect, as ~60 explains ~em>Fandomwire, in particular by making it possible to avoid reflections from the camera and the film crew. Enough to save a lot of time, and provide more comfort during production.

This is not the first time that Avatar has been praised for the quality of its special effects. We particularly remember this YouTube video posted by the Corridor Crew specialists. They particularly expressed their admiration and returned to the impressive work carried out on the water.

Sam Gorski commented as follows: “On top of that, from a visual and rendering point of view, I don't even know how many patents they have done. But I've seen ads pop up like 'Oh, cool, Weta got 4 or 5 new water simulation patents,' for really unique cases like this plan.”

His accomplice Ian Hubert added: «What I find crazy is the tension superficial, the way it enters the tissue. I don't remember ever seeing such complex and dynamic surface tension. When the water goes away, it is still trapped in the small pieces of fabric. »

A stunning result that cinema spectators were able to appreciate in optimal conditions. Enough to make you want to see the sequel, and in particular Avatar 3, which is scheduled for release on December 17, 2025 in cinemas in France.

Do you share the enthusiasm of fans for the visual effects of Avatar ? Don't hesitate to share your feelings in the comments.

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