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Batman: The Challenge: 3 reasons to rewatch this legendary film before The Penguin series

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The streaming platform Max will release The Penguin this year. This spin-off of The Batmanwill highlight this iconic antagonist of the Dark Knight. But before that, Tim Burton had signed a very successful film with this villain as the main character in Batman: The Challenge. We give you three good reasons to see (or rewatch) this legendary production from the 90s.

A gripping story

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The synopsis proposed by our colleagues d’Allocinésums up this feature film wonderfully: “Not only must Batman face the Penguin, a genetic monster endowed with foolproof intelligence, who sows terror, but, even more difficult, he must face the seduction of two super-women, the sweet Selina Kyle and the feline Catwoman who will give him a lot of trouble. If Bruce Wayne likes Selina, Batman is not insensitive to Catwoman's charm.”

But where the scenario is out of the ordinary is that we are presented with a Penguin who goes into politics and wants to attack Gotham town hall. We are dealing with a populist candidate who knows how to touch the heartstrings and has a com plan concocted by spin doctors provided by a crooked industrialist from the city. We'll let you discover what happens next, but this choice is perfect and allows us to delve into the mysteries of the city.

A Batman incarnate, flamboyant enemies< /h2>

This feature film also has a remarkable cast. Let us cite Michael Keaton at the top of his art in Bruce Wayne and Batman. Opposite him, Michelle Pfeiffer is very charismatic as Catwoman.

And what about Danny DeVito as Penguin. If some could criticize him for his histrionics, we are not shying away from our pleasure as the actor seems to be having fun like crazy and impresses us.

A daring Christmas movie

Batman: The Challengetakes place in the middle of Christmas. So we savor this snowy Gotham and these tree inaugurations. This atmosphere also allows Tim Burton to offer us an original artistic direction of which he has the secret.

Decors, disguises, makeup, we are amazed, without forget the soundtrack of this production, always impeccable. Even though Matt Reeves' version of the Penguin will probably be very different, so it's a pleasure to see this feature film again. If you liked this film, you can also rewatch Tim Burton's first Batman, where the Dark Knight faces the Joker played by Jack Nicholson.

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