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Bayern Munich – Real Madrid: Heroic Vinicus, Kim at fault… the match summary

Dominated in this semi-final first leg of the Champions League, Real Madrid, thanks to à a double of Vinicius, tore offé the draw against Bayern Munich (2-2).

Bayern Munich – Real Madrid: Heroic Vinicus, Kim at fault… the match summary

Bayern 2: 2 < IMG Alt = "Real Madrid score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/dja5Hdfqpjhbcgo4ngrpie 10xoge=/450x/smart/fb4ef518b45e44359ae6a2f3a6b98494/ccmcms- 5.png " />real Madrid Live

Outrageously dominated during the first twenty minutes, Carlo Ancelotti's players were able to keep their backs round, thanks to a large Lunin (1st, 6th) and à the clumsiness of the Bavarians. Right after loosening the screw the vice, Real Madrid stung; thanks to à his strong men. On an appeal against appeal, Vinicius mystifiedé Kim. Kroos saw it all with a bright pass down the middle. In the duel with Neuer, the Brazilian slipped; the ball in the small net (0-1, 20th). Simple, like a Real match in the Champions League. À At the break, Thomas Tuchel decided to move on. to modify its strategy by moving to three in the middle with a low point (Laimer) and changing Musiala and Sané on the side. A paid choice. Décalé on the side straight by a transversal of Laimer, San&eac;, &agrav; the angle of the surface, triggeredé a sudden and powerful strike in the side closed. Lunin did not expect it (1-1, 53rd). Stunned, Real Madrid cracked; &agrav; the image of Vazquez. The right back, who replaced Carvajal (suspended), mowed down Musiala in the box. Kane took care of the of the sanction (2-1, 55th). But, à the image of the first goal conceded by his team, Kim was ´acute; once again at fault by mowing down Rodrygo. Vinicius responded to English on criminality (2-2, 86th). Real Madrid have once again come back from nowhere. 

22:50 – Kane gives one last thrill (90th+2)

On a tumble side right, the Englishman, who could have collapsed on a tackle from Tchouam&eac;ni, did not find anything; taker on its center. Tuchel demands a penalty, in vain! 

22:49 – Vazquez receives a yellow card (90th+2)

The right back held Davies' jersey. 

22:48 – Joselu was é author of an excess of commitment (90e+1)

Late on a cross from Mendy, the Spanish striker, with his shoulder, hit the ball. Kim's head. Neuer is mad with rage. 

22:46 – Extra time is known (90th)

There will be three more minutes. 

22:45 – Ancelotti also brings fresh blood ( 88e)

Decisive in obtaining the equalization penalty, Rodrygo leaves the field. Joselu will finish this part. 

22:44 – Tuchel makes a change (87th)

Scorer, Sané leaves his place à Davies. 

22:43 – Gnabry is too lateé (86e)

In Leroy San&eac; mode, the German winger attempted to to get on his left foot to shoot. With one hook too many, he got too far off center. 

The Spanish Ogre is never defeated . The Brazilian shot on his right. Neuer dove on the other side. 

In a pivot situation, Rodrygo is broke; by Kim. The fault is indisputable. 

22:38 – Tuchel makes another change (81st)

Excellent this evening, Muller leaves his place à Gnabry. Before the match, Tuchel had predicted; that his winger would score. He has ten minutes to do it. 

À Like the first goal in the first period, Vinicius deceives Kim on a call against call. À the pass, Modric showed himself to be precise. Fortunately for the Bavarian ogre, the Bayern goalkeeper blocked his goal well. its angle. 

22:33 – We enter the last quarter of an hour (77th)

Bayern Munich continues to attack. The band à Tuchel wants to give himself a better margin before going to Spain. 

22:31 – Ancelotti achieves two changes (76th)

Bellingham and Kroos return to the bench. Modric, and Diaz will finish this game. 

22:30 – Laimer clears a hot ball (73rd)

On a cross-shot of Valverde, the middle wasé quick to get the ball out of his five meters. Vinicius was in a waiting position. 


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