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Be careful if you have this medicine at home, 16,000 boxes recalled

“Be careful if you have this medicine at home, 16,000 boxes recalled”

After the discovery of a sleeping pill in a box of self-service medicines, the Bayer laboratory alerted pharmacists and ordered the recall of thousands of items.

The Bayer laboratory has announced since Wednesday, February 21, in agreement with the Security Agency; of medicines (ANSM), the recall of a product delivered to you without prescription: Euphytose. So, don’t hesitate to take a little trip to the local area. from your wardrobe &agrav; pharmacy. If you have any left, check the batch number carefully. This is the SX2298 with an expiry date of 30 days. March 2025 ? Take it back to the pharmacy. This medicine has herbal and recommended against sleep disorders could contain something completely different. 

Indeed, the announcement was made made à all French pharmacies by the manufacturer after the discovery, in a tube of 180 tablets of Euphytosee, of a Phenergan pill. An antihistamine neuroleptic that can be used against insomnia. However, this medicine is not supplied in bulk. only on medical prescription. Around 16,000 boxes are affected by the recall. A person would have discovered a tablet. blue in its Euphytose tube. "The origin of this event is currently being investigated" indicated&eac; the Bayer laboratory with BFMTV.

An "isolated case&eac;" according to the laboratory

While the two drugs are manufactured in the same factory, the laboratory is keen to ensure that both drugs are manufactured in the same factory. highlight the "isolated&eac;" of this discovery. The recall of thousands of boxes has been recalled. decreed to avoid the slightest risk, particularly due to the popularity of of this product to the general public. For its part, the ANSM is planning a communications campaign to alert as many consumers as possible. At this time, no other reports have been received. carried out. To clearly distinguish between the two medications, we remind you that one tablet is Euphytose is brown, while Phenergan is blue.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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