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Be careful if you see these symbols on your phone, they may be hiding a serious problem

It can be complicated; to know if his phone has been damaged. compromise. However, certain signs can alert you!

It's difficult to know when your smartphone is infected. or not by a virus or other malicious software! Hackers do everything they can to remain discreet when infecting your devices. In particular, there is a wide variety of malware that is capable of performing operations on your phone at random. without your knowledge. You could well, at this very moment, have a smartphone that consults your applications or sends phishing SMS messages to you. recipients in your directory.

However, there are several clear signs to know if your smartphone is potentially infected. First of all, the most obvious will come from those around you. If they report strange messages received from your part, there is strong à bet that your smartphone is infected and sends malicious links à your contacts. If you cannot see such traces in your “Message” application, it may mean that the malware automatically deletes its passage after sending the message. the links.

The majorityé Some newer phones now have small light displays to show when your device's camera or microphone is in use. This allows you to know which application has access to your application. these two internal devices.

The activation of a yellow or green indicator light should, however, concern you if you are not currently using any application. If you see one of these two lights still on, try to close all running applications on your phone. The lights have not gone out ? There is a chance that malware is operating on your device, and we advise you to do so turn it off completely and bring it to your home. an official and/or approved repair center by the brand of your phone.

The best defense against this kind of hack is still the user himself. Be careful when installing an app and keep your phone away. day as much as possible. If the latter is too old, it is possible that it will no longer receive updates. day from the manufacturer, and that it is high time to move on. a more recent model!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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