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Benfica - OM: OM fall in Lisbon but can still hope

Mené by two goals and in great difficulty; for an hour, the Marseillais revived thanks to Aubameyang but bow despite being defeated all on the lawn of Benfica Lisbon (1-2).

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Benfica - OM: OM fall in Lisbon but can still hope

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Benfica - OM: OM fall in Lisbon but can still hope

He is the providential man of Olympique de Marseille, the one capable of rekindling the flame ' every moment even in an evening where Marseille's intentions had been confirmed. skillfully extinguished by the vista and the mortuary of Lisbon. After an hour spent at home, run after the ball, & exhaust yourself without being able to to create clear situations, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put on his hero costume, he who once wore a Spiderman mask to celebrate his goals.

This evening he didn't weave&eacute; his canvas but saved Marseille's chances of seeing the semi-finals. Thus &agrav; in the 67th minute he exploited à wonderfully a straight pass towards the front from Ounahi, author of a good entry into play. More engaged; than Antonio Silva, until'à impeccable, the Gabonese had the favorable counter and took the ball in his race. He then presented himself alone in front of her. Trubin who could do nothing when he saw the attacker open his right foot and roll up a small opposite net. A goal worthy of those so dear à Thierry Henry during his glory days.

From then on, the match changed its appearance and OM began to play. believe in it, à to the extent that he took the upper hand physically and could impose an intensity on his opponent. greater than from Lisbon less available and rare è the image of Joao Neves and Rafa Silva. It came close to securing a draw but Harit did not open his right foot enough to reach the goal. the reception of a center in Ounahi. Cross which certainly required to be taken from the left to increase the angle and facilitate the volley in the closed angle. &agrav; left.

Marseille's regrets, however, will not be there; and will find root in an arbitral decision. While we were still at home 2-0 in favor of the locals, Aubameyang, always him, looked à bypassing two opponents and while falling back, he was hit sideways by Joao Neves. The Portuguese midfielder took no notice of the ball but escaped the penalty for what appeared to be a clear foul. As against Panathinaïkos last Augustû, Mr. Oliver and his assistants à the video refused a valid penalty OM, not really familiar with the English official.

This would perhaps not have changed anything, especially since the Marseille attacker would finally find the fault a few minutes later but doubt will remain allowed even if Jean-Louis Gasset's men will especially regret having delivered a first period as bland and far from the level required at the same time. this stage of the competition. A weakness exploited by Rafa Silva during an action that he himself initiated, then on a perfectly negotiated counterattack. by Di Maria after returning from the locker room. Aubameyang's goal had less merit in maintaining hope for a return match which promises to be hot at the Vélodrome. A quarter-final return which will take place without Merlin, injured; &agrav; the left leg and the latest victim of the curse which affects the Marseille defenders. Fortunately, Aubameyang will be there; to show the way. See you next week.

23:20 – Aubameyang top scorer in Europa League

By scoring a new goal against Benfica Lisbon, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang carriedé its total &agrav; 10 this season in the competition. He is the only top scorer in this Europa League campaign, of which he is the best director in history.

23:10 – Kondogbia "à half satisfied"

"Despite; Defeat is a rather positive result when we know that we have the return to life. the House. We come out à half satisfied because çit remains a defeat", reacted to the microphone of Canal+Geoffrey Kondogbia à following the Europa League quarter-final first leg against Benfica Lisbon. "We knew that it was a very technically skilled team and we tried to do that. to stay calm to exploit our opportunities which was not the case. the case. In the second period, we increased our performance. the rhythm and çit was seen", he addedé.

23: 00 – The Estadio da Luz remains impregnable

L'Olympique de Marseille will therefore not have become the first French team&ccedil ;comfortable &agrav; impose themselves on the Benfica pitch. After dominating the world At OM, the Lisbon team extended their improbable streak of invincibility even further. &agrav; home in the Europa League. This reaches 30 matches and spans more than 15 years since the last victorious club here was called Metalist Kharkiv, in December 2008.

Manhandled for almost an hour, Olympique de Marseille finally came away with a defeat by a goal difference against Benfica Lisbon (2-1). Harmless during the first act and caught on the counter from the start of the second, the Marseillais finished better and found the opening through the inevitable Aubameyang. The Gabonese could have (dû ?) obtained a penalty but the video refereeing did not work for him. favorable. Despite the score, OM allows itself à believe it for the return match which will take place at the Vélodrome in a week.

22:54 – Ounahi from afar

From 25 m in the axis, Ounahi takes his chance from straight but it's on Trubin who catches easily.

22:52 – Well behind the back of his partners

Bah goes back up the field on the side; right and takes the relay from Di Maria to put him back in the race. At the height of the Marseille area, the Benfica full-back swings his ball back and a Marseille player clears far in front.

22:52 – Additional time: 3 minutes

There will be three minutes of additional time in this second period as the Marseillais end better.

22:49 – Aubameyang isolated

On a long ball, Aubameyang manages to à create a nice coat rack control at 6 m and follow up with a left strike from a tight angle; Antonio Silva vs. Behind, the Gabonese loses the ball to the Portuguese defender.

22:47 – Kondogbia on the trajectory

Joao Mario defeats two opponents at 25 m and transmits à right in the axis for Larcos Leonardo whose sequence is perfect but the dry shot deflected by Kondogbia, well positioned; in front of his guardian.

22:46 – Next to for Aubameyang

About 25 m offseté on the left axis, Aubameyang unleashes a floating shot which crosses the wall but remains within reach. left of Trubin's goal.

22:45 – Balerdi without solution

Without a clean recovery solution, Balerdi is forced to extend diagonally to the left but it is too deep for Soglo who cannot avoid the touch.

22:43 – Balerdi and Aubameyang clear the corners

Di Maria's first corner is brushed ; coming in at the near post but Balerdi imposes himself in the air to concede a second corner, which Aubameyang takes care of sending far from the Marseille area.

22:41 – Rafa Silva well taken

On an intercepted pass from Veretout, Benfica projects against with Di Maria à RIGHT. The Argentinian is looking for transmit into the surface &agrav; Rafa Silva but the latter is stuck; in the back by Balerdi who pushes him away. OM ends up conceding a corner.

22:36 – Florentino relieves his people

Veretout goes forward and goes to the right. The former Nantes player adjusts his center & low and sees Ounahi eyeing him in front of the goal but Florentino cuts the trajectory and concedes a corner which OM does not exploit.

On a cross from Ounahi coming from the right, Harit is &agrav; reception beyond from the far post but rather than trying your luck with your left foot because it is easier to do so. resume like this, he opts for his right foot without succeeding à open it. His attempt passes à side.

22:32 – Double change for Benfica

In the 71st minute, Schmidt made his first two changes with the departures of Neres and Tengstedt to launch the stainless Joao Mario and the promising Marcos Leonardo.

22:30 – Mbemba is out

In the wake of Aubameyang's goal, Jean-Louis Gasset continues his coaching with the exit of Mbemba replaced by Soglo. The Congolese rock was immediately taken care of by the Marseille medical services because he had been seriously sticking out his tongue for several minutes.

From the halfway line or almost, Ounahi presses his pass wide. level with the ground towards the front towards Aubameyang. The Gabonese wins his duel against Antonio Silva thanks to à a favorable counter and presents himself alone against each other. Trubin, whom he deceives from the inside of the right side opposite.

22:25 – Gigot is wrong

Resté at the forefront &agrav; following a corner, Gigot is served perfectly à entering the surface on a clear pass from Veretout. Not used to it &agrav; finding himself in this situation, the Marseille defender does not turn around and believes it is useful to play in a pivot but his forward pass is clumsy and too long. The Marseille action fails.

22:24 – Florentino on the trajectory

Luis Henrique projects himself à left after a combination with Ounahi. The Marseillais sees his attackers retreat and seeks to attack. serve them but Florentino anticipates the uniformity well opposing movements.

22:23 – Ndiaye does not fit

D&eacute ;calé on the right in the area, Ndiaye doesn't take the trouble to control and tries to surprise Trubin at the near post. His clever attempt at the right flirts with the amount but passes à right.

As he goes back to refocus, Aubameyang pushes his ball and is hit laterally by Joao Neves. The Portuguese midfielder intervenes brutally and blocks the Gabonese attacker who collapses in the area. The action moves towards a Lisbon counter which is unsuccessful. When the game is stopped, the video assistance analyzes the images and estimates, certainly, that they are correct. wrong, that the defensive intervention of the Portuguese was lawful.

22:16 – Tengstedt strikes in the surface

Côté left, Aursnes overflows and manages to reach find &agrav; Tengstedt ground level. The Danish striker is one step ahead of Balerdi and the rest of the Marseille defense but from a tight angle, he deflects his shot from outside. ;ear left.

22:16 – Moumbagna replaced

In the wake of the goal, Moumbagna leaves the pitch, replaced by by Ounahi. Jean-Louis Gasset seeks à better balance your team.


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