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Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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Majorized by AirPods, the best Bluetooth headphones true wireless are finding more and more pairs of ears every month. To the point that the offer becomes almost illegible as the models multiply. On the one hand, smartphone manufacturers offer almost all their wireless headphones to accompany their latest new products. On the other hand, audio specialists rely on their expertise in the field to grab their share of the pie.

So it’s difficult to see clearly. To help you choose the best Bluetooth headphones in 2024, we have put together a complete comparison. Indeed, sound quality is not the only important point when purchasing wireless headphones. Autonomy, comfort, support or compatibility with your devices are all elements to take into account before purchasing.

Top 5 best bluetooth headphones 2024:

  1. Sony WF-1000XM5
  2. AirPods Pro 2
  3. AirPods 3
  4. Galaxy Buds 2
  5. Huawei Freebuds Pro 2

The best bluetooth headphones 2024 for noise canceling quality

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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While its WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones are the new benchmark, the WF-1000XM5 wireless headphones are among the best bluetooth headphones 2024 true wireless when it comes to audio quality .

Unlike Apple or Huawei, Sony is aimed here at sound lovers. Japanese expertise in this field is no longer in doubt, so the WF-1000XM5 gives users great freedom.

The application accompanying the headphones allows advanced sound customization with several listening profiles and a full equalizer. Everyone can therefore configure their headphones as they wish for optimal audio quality.

On the other hand, the WF-1000XM5 are not as comfortable to wear (imposing) even if Sony has considerably reduced their format. They make up for it with very good battery life as well as a multitude of touch controls directly accessible on the headphones.

Finally, the Sony WF-1000XM5 have very effective noise reduction. The absolute benchmark for consumer wireless headphones, especially if you're in the Android world. At least for the moment.

The best 2024 bluetooth headphones on the market… if you have an iPhone

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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Do we still need to present the AirPods Pro ? Apple headphones quickly established themselves as the best Bluetooth headphones true wireless of the market. With the first AirPods, Apple even started the trend. He continues it with the recent release of the AirPods Max, a premium wireless headset from the same manufacturer – and now AirPods Pro 2.

If they do not establish themselves as the ultimate reference in terms of audio quality, the AirPods Pro remain very good, if not excellent. Apple has chosen to provide the same rendering to all its users, so you will not really be able to personalize listening using an equalizer. Nevertheless, the sound delivered is of high quality with good bass and excellent mids (vocals).

The AirPods Pro 2 differentiate themselves from their competitors above all by their very good active noise reduction (improved on this generation), a transparency mode well above the competition with this year also an adaptive transparency mode complementing passive isolation due to the in-ear format of the headphones.

Apple also manages to remove the traffic jam effect by integrating welcome air outlets. Result ? By switching from noise canceling mode to transparency mode, you’ll never need to remove these headphones from your ears, the comfort of which helps to make them completely forgotten.

That said, if you don't like the silicone tips, we advise you to opt for the AirPods 3. Beyond that, the AirPods Pro 2 benefit from a new H2 chip, new volume sensors, and increased battery life.

Finally, note that AirPods Pro 2 provide the best experience for any iPhone, iPad or Mac user.Pairing takes a handful of seconds and the integration into the Apple ecosystem is simply exemplary. An excellent choice therefore for users of Apple products, but not for others since the functionalities will be limited.

The best bluetooth headphones 2024 with open design

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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If you are one of those allergic to in-ear headphones, the AirPods 3 stand out as better Bluetooth headphones than the AirPods Pro. More affordable (199 euros), they differ from the previous generation by their more AirPods Pro design, their increased sound quality and their case with wireless charging.

We therefore find a design with a small stem – has become a standard today. Here, the sound quality is a little worse than with the Pro version, which is entirely logical since the AirPods 3 have neither passive isolation (due to their format) nor active noise reduction. If audio quality really matters very little, we invite you to also check out the AirPods 2 still on sale, a little cheaper.

The AirPods 3 deliver a fairly consensual sound, without artifice, but which remains up to the standard of a product at this price thanks to physically larger drivers. Its main asset lies in the quality of the conversations and the good transcription of voices. Perfect for listening to podcasts, a little less for music. If you plan on making a lot of calls, these Bluetooth headphones will be nicer than the AirPods Pro.

You guessed it, AirPods 3 benefit from the same integration into the Apple ecosystem. That said, they are also compatible with Android devices (and more generally all those compatible with Bluetooth). Hence its position of number 2 in this comparison of the best wireless headphones.

The best bluetooth headphones 2024 for audio quality

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

If you are looking for a good compromise between top audio quality and complete integration into the Android ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 stand out as the best Bluetooth headphones in your case. These True Wireless headphones are praised for their quality sound reproduction, especially thanks to their deep and powerful bass. They are obviously equipped with active noise reduction like the best Apple Bluetooth headphones.

Unlike their competitors, however, they have full touch controls on the sides. Of course, the rest is subjective, but many users find them more comfortable than Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro. They come with a case that charges wirelessly – Without supplements. Thanks to their larger design, they allow repairs – especially changing the battery. Which is a real plus on AirPods which are disposable, whatever the model.

They also have a few little hiccups – which nevertheless have relatively little impact. Not everyone is a big fan, in fact, of the reproduction of highs and mids. Users also report some instabilities at the Bluetooth level with certain smartphones. The “Transparency” which “cancels” having the headphones on your ears can feel a bit artificial and unpleasant. Finally, voice capture requires a relatively quiet environment.

The best bluetooth headphones 2024 to make you forget the AirPods Pro

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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The Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 are arguably not the best in-ears on the market with active noise cancellation. But they remain among the best models available, and to this is added their unbeatable quality-price ratio. Among the pluses, we can cite their excellent comfort, their rather good sound reproduction, and they have one of the most convincing active noise cancellation in 2024.

In addition, Huawei offers advanced equalizer options to adjust the sound to user preferences. They also have a pretty well thought out touch control system. In terms of battery life, the headphones alone allow you to listen to music for 4 hours straight with active noise cancellation and up to 6:30 without ANC.

With the charging case, they total up to 30 hours without ANC and 18 hours with active noise reduction. Charging is done via a USB type C port or wirelessly. Whether you are on an iPhone or Android smartphone, these headphones are always an alternative to consider, especially given their price of around €150.

L’former number 1 in the market for headphones with ANC returns with a True Wireless QC II

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are the manufacturer's latest attempt to regain market share lost to Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Smaller and more capable than the previous generation, they recharge in just one hour (3 hours for the case) and deliver up to three times six hours of listening time with their charging case.

They have touch controls on the stem like many competing models. You can, without touching the smartphone, play and pause, change the volume, move to the next track, take and end a call.

Where they reveal their full value, however, is in the area of ​​active noise reduction accompanied by CustomTune technology on this iteration. A sonar system measures the acoustic response of the user's ear canal to improve performance.

Consumer alternatives to the WF-1000XM4 headphones

Best Bluetooth headphones 2024: which ones to buy right now ?

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The Sony Linkbuds S are a bit like the consumer version of the WF-1000XM4. Which does not mean that the audio rendering is that far from the latter, despite significantly smaller transducers. Our test indeed shows a very pleasant rendering, even if it is clearly less spectacular than on the more premium models. Despite their reduced price, they still have active noise reduction.

In addition, the shape memory tips replaced by rubber, and the slightly light transparency mode are among the compromises with which we must deal with this iteration. As well as the autonomy, a little less good and the recharge takes a little longer. But can we really blame it for all this given its qualities and especially their price during this period of promotions ?

Indeed, while they were initially offered for €199, we now find them around €130, which undoubtedly represents a fairer price for the price. #8217;all of their services.

All the models in this comparison deserve the qualifier of best Bluetooth headphones 2024. But then how to choose ? The first aspect to consider is the brand of devices you already own. AirPods, for example, are a real treat for those with an iPhone. After pairing (simplified) everything works without having to think about it. You put them in your ears and start playing, whether on your watch, your smartphone or your computer.

The AirPods Pro have truly stunning active noise reduction – whose effectiveness is enhanced by the in-ear design. Design that's never a problem even when you want to stop feeling isolated in your bubble. In fact, without removing the earphones it is possible to activate Transparency mode with one press, which makes it seem like “disappear” headphones. You hear everything around you as if you weren't wearing them.

The quality of standard AirPods, and their battery life, can leave a little to be desired. But if you really want to take it up a notch in quality and functionality, the AirPods Pro are definitely made for you. They are compatible with Hey Siri, have truly stunning active noise reduction, and a transparency mode without any equivalent on the market. Of course they can work when paired with an Android smartphone.

But their daily use is much more tedious, especially since, depending on the brand of your smartphone, more advantageous alternatives exist. For example, if like a large number of Android users you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you are entitled to approximately the same user experience if you choose the Galaxy Buds 2 for example. They are excellent and a little more repairable (at least guides exist to change their battery without destroying them, unlike AirPods).

Furthermore, ease of use is not everything. Other models in this selection do much better in terms of audio quality. While being capricious when it comes to pairing. This is why we can advise you both to buy certain references like the AirPods and the Galaxy Buds with your eyes closed, while also advising you to go, as much as possible, to test competing products in store before completely making your choice.

Our complete comparison of the best bluetooth headphones 2024 ends here. Obviously, we were not able to compare all of the products put on the market as there are so many of them. If you particularly liked a product not included in this guide, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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