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Better than Black Friday, AliExpress destroys the prices of iPhone 15, Galaxy S24, OnePlus 8 Pro, etc.

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AliExpress doesn't do things by halves for its anniversary, that's an understatement to say. From March 18 to March 27, the online merchant will unveil exceptional offers on its merchant site. In this context, it is possible to find .

Exceptional offers at the merchant

This year, AliExpress is thinking big. Since this Monday at midnight, the online merchant has been displaying extremely generous offers on its ecommerce site. Several bestsellers even have the luxury of being accompanied by more advantageous discounts than on Black Friday, which is crazy.

As usual, we remind you that the offers take the form of flash sales on AliExpress. Generally, stock is only a few hundred units for each reference, which can lead to shortages within a few hours. Since this morning, some items are already unavailable.

Here are some crazy offers put forward by AliExpress this Monday.

  • iPhone 15 with code AAFR80
  • iPhone 15 Pro with code AAFR80
  • OnePlus 12 with code AAFR80
  • Xiaomi 13T Pro with code AAFR80
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro  with code AAFR80

Promo codes on AliExpress

For its anniversary, AliExpress is highlighting promo codes. Simply add the relevant code to your cart before confirming the order for the discount to apply. These may vary, but they generally remain similar depending on the amount of the references concerned, here is the detail.

  • -5€ discount 39 euros purchase: code ANFR05
  • -10€ discount 79 euros purchase: code ANFR10
  • -20€ discount 159 euros purchase: code ANFR20
  • -40€ discount 299 euros purchase: code ANFR40
  • -80€ discount 499 euros purchase: code ANFR80

Like flash deals, promo codes are also limited on AliExpress, so we recommend that you do so as soon as you see a discount that interests you.

Services offered with AliExpress

If AliExpress celebrates its anniversary with fanfare, the online merchant is banking on the same advantages as the rest of the year. This first concerns delivery: it is completely free. In the vast majority of cases, products are shipped directly from France. Otherwise, please note that VAT is always included, which avoids customs fees when you place an order. Generally speaking, the company has numerous warehouses located in Europe.

Given its network of warehouses in France and Europe, AliExpress is able to deliver your orders within a few days, this is usually 3 to 5 days. The delivery date is specified for each product on the merchant site, it is not uncommon for it to even be guaranteed by the online merchant.

With AliExpress, you also benefit from a 14-day withdrawal period. Mandatory in France, this deadline serves as a second chance for users. If you were a little hasty with your order, you can use these two weeks to return a product for free. The merchant reimburses you in full immediately, so you don't take any risks.

Finally, the manufacturer warranties at AliExpress are the same as those of official brands. On smartphones, this period is therefore two years. In the end, you have all the cards in hand to take advantage of the online merchant's anniversary while saving money, remember not to wait too long when you see an offer that interests you.

To see all the offers, click here:

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