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Beverly Hills Cop: Why Eddie Murphy's Return is Complicated ?

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In the summer of 2024, Netflix will hit hard with this return of the popular saga: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F< /em>. The streaming platform even has the luxury of returning forty years later to a round figure. Enough to convince the nostalgic to dive back in, while curious newcomers will want to form their own opinion.

A very physical shoot

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While a first trailer for this feature film has already been released at the end of 2023, Eddie Murphy also spoke about reprising his role as Axel Foley which is not obvious. Quoted by the magazine People, he underlines thus:

It was difficult. I played Axel Foley when I was in my twenties. I'm no longer in my twenties. It was an action film. So it was a difficult film. But we got through it.

And the Hollywood legend adds: “It’s a very dynamic feature film and I’had to do some physical stuff…. I like being on the couch, I don't like jumping, pulling and running. So, at the end of filming, I had a knee brace and my back was damaged. But the film will be special.”

As a reminder, we have relatively little information on this production. According to the site Moviehole, our hero will return to Los Angeles to investigate the corrupt Beverly Hills police and a murder also linked to law enforcement . Axel has matured and today has an adult daughter.

In the trailer, we could see Eddie Murphy in good physical shape, even if it was not easy for him who is now 62 years old, as he confided to our colleagues.

An impressive cast

Let us finally point out that the actor will be well supported, since the cast also includes Kevin Bacon (Mystic River), but also Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception). At their side, we will find Paul Reiser (The Boys), or even John Ashton (Uncle John ) and Taylour Paige (Sharp Stick). You can always reread our special report on the project here.

For your part, are you planning to watch this new film? Were you a fan of the previous parts? Don't hesitate to come and testify in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • 40 years later, Beverly Hill Cop is back
  • Eddie Murphy spoke about the filming which he found very physical
  • This long -film can count on a very impressive cast

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