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Beware of this new application which will automatically install on your PC and will be impossible to remove!

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of its own artificial intelligence called "Copilot". The latter, however, poses some confidentiality problems. and installation.

Microsoft intends to overshadow the famous ChatGPT. The firm recently announced the imminent release of its own solution based on artificial intelligence. Called "Copilot", this new functionality allows you to create a new feature that will help you achieve your goals. is already there integrated into "365 Office" solutions. as well as on the web browser "Microsoft Edge" and will soon be available for all computers running Windows 11.

"Copilot" is, however, already there. under fire from some criticism since its arrival on your computer will be done automatically via a future update. day. The latter is scheduled for April 1st, and it's not an April Fool's joke!

Called "22H2", this update day is already currently being tested for registered users à Windows beta. It notably provides for the integration of "Microsoft Copilot" which will be directly integrated into the &agrav; your taskbar. This functionality, & like a ChatGPT, is based on artificial intelligence to assist you in all your research and needs. It will be possible to ask him questions or formulate requests.

But the information that has caused a lot of ink to be spilled is much more recent. Microsoft also indicated that "Copilot" will be integrated into automatically &agrav; Windows and it will not have an uninstaller included. So you will not be able to remove the feature. from your computer &agrav; unless you go through a registry editor, but the method is relatively complex for the majority of users. of users.

This news also comes a few days after several Internet users went back online. the fact that "Copilot" sees certain actions and requests from users, in order to assist them more easily. The firm indicates, however, that the information retained complies with all rules regarding confidentiality. and work like cookies in an internet browser. It is also possible to deactivate the "Copilot" history. in the wizard options.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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