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Biden attacks Trump head-on to launch his campaign

Joe Biden pronounced his last speech to the American Congress before the presidential election. Seeming to launch his campaign, the president took every opportunity to criticize his main rival: Donald Trump.

This is a Joe Biden in good shape and decided to take action. &agrav; facing off against his main rival for the American presidential election who ran for office. before the Congress this Thursday, March 7. For his State of the Union speech, the last before the end-of-year vote, the tenant of the White House spoke ;#39;is shown ready à going into the countryside no matter what; those who criticize him for his advanced age. The 81-year-old man also applied himself to the task. &agrav; respond to criticism ensuring that'à his &age "some things become clearer than ever”. "I know it doesn't seem like it, but I's here. for a long time" even joked the Democrat running for office his election. A speech which, &agrav; The difference from Joe Biden's previous speeches, was not noted. marked by a new slip of the tongue.

Defending his candidacy for the American presidential election as the best option for the United States, Joe Biden spoke of several key topics of the electoral campaign – the war in Ukraine, that in Ukraine, Gaza, but also the American economy and the defense of abortion – and seized every opportunity to do so. s to attack Donald Trump, his positions and his ideas. The American president has also sent back the decision. the criticisms made about his old age towards the Republican millionaire qualifying him as “a man of his age”. The two candidates actually only have a four-year difference, aged 81 and 77 respectively.

Trump "submissive" &agrav; Putin ?

Offensive, Joe Biden accusedé his Republican rival, without naming him, to "submit" &agrav; Vladimir Putin in the middle of war in Ukraine even though freedom and American democracy are "under attack" according to him. "My predecessor, a former Republican president, said " Putin 'do what you want'. That's a quote, a former president actually said that, submitting to what he said. a Russian leader. I think it's scandalous. It's dangerous, and it's unacceptable! the Democrat facing Congress.

But there is no point in criticizing if it is not to then show off. And after pinning Donald Trump, Joe Biden assuredé that it "does not bend" face &agrav; his Russian counterpart. The speech on the State of the Union was also discussed. the opportunity to demand before Congress to vote favorably on the sending help Ukraine to "stop Putin".

Trump or an America of "religious rancor, vengeance and revenge"

Joe Biden focused on international subjects, but also national policies during his speech. Touting its economic record which has seen "the biggest rebound" of the history of the United States after the Covid-19 pandemic according to him, he pointed out that of his predecessor saying he "inherited #39;an economy that was on the brink of collapse. chasm" after the mandate of Donald Trump. The Democrat also greeted the "record" of "15 million jobs created in three years" and "the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years".

An important point of the presidential campaign but a failure of Joe Biden during his mandate, the removal of the federal guarantee of abortion was ;eacute; quoted by Joe Biden. The octogenarian promised to "reestablish" the protection of abortion if Americans and especially American women elect a Congress favorable to the "right to choose". Donald Trump's Republican camp is at stake. the origin of this deletion, the president estimated that that "those who boast of having canceled' federal protection of the right to abortion by the Supreme Court  have no idea of ​​the power of women in America" but "they will realize it again in 2024".

The list of direct or indirect attacks made à Donald Trump ended with an update on US migration policy. "I will not demonize migrants by saying that they are poisoning the blood of our country" guaranteed Joe Biden, not without making reference to recent statements by Donald Trump who initiated the the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico during his mandate. Facing Congress, still pointing out the position of the Republicans, he said: "We can argue about the border or else to fix the problem. Joe Biden therefore did not spare anything. his rival who is, according to him, the symbol "of an America turned towards bitterness, revenge and vengeance”.< /p>

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