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Black Friday: rain of CRAZY promotions for Bitdefender antivirus (-60%)

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. Or no less than 60% reduction if we compare this new price, available for Black Friday, to the original price (39.99 euros per year). The savings to be made by taking advantage of the offer reach 24 euros, or approximately 2 euros per month. But we don't know if this reduced amount will still be available after Black Friday. This is indeed the time of year with the best deals, as a rule. The rest of the time, prices are often more expensive, unfortunately.

Please note, moreover, that you can also offer yourself a license also compatible with macOS – where the price mentioned previously is only with Windows. This is Bitdefender Total Security, available for 31.99 euros for the first year instead of 84.99 euros per year. Bitdefender Total Security allows you to install the antivirus on no less than five different devices. Compared to only three for the license at 16 euros the first year. Additionally, with Bitdefender Total Security, you can take advantage of additional options to improve the performance of your device by freeing up memory with a cleaner similar to Washing Machine.

Bitdefender Total Security also makes it possible to further secure a computer used by children, thanks to parental controls. But that's not all, since this license also offers the possibility of securing connected objects with Apple Watches on the menu.

Bitdefender Total Security: a complete offer at a reduced price for Black Friday

With , you also benefit from an integrated firewall. This is a good method to deal with attacks from certain hackers. Of course, let us remember that zero risk does not exist. So, even the best antivirus sometimes has certain flaws. This is good to know if you want to use Bitdefender in a professional setting, among others.

Bitdefender Internet Security is Bitdefender's most affordable license. It can protect many different types of files. For example, you can use it to protect your sensitive documents, if you do not want them to be accessed using spyware. The software can be installed as soon as you have made the annual payment. This also involves automatic renewal, but you have the freedom to deactivate it whenever you want. So, to prevent the 16 euros for the first year from turning into 39.99 euros per year thereafter, all you have to do is request the cancellation of your subscription.

Kill two birds with one stone

As a reminder, is offered during the Black Friday period in France. We cannot be certain that the price will be available afterwards, however.

If you wish, you will see on the page accessible below that Bitdefender also offers a price reduction on its virtual private network. Similar to NordVPN or ExpressVPN, this tool may discourage malicious Internet users who want to track you from public Wi-Fi. But be aware that here too, a really motivated hacker will still be able to access your information. However, additional coverage against these actions is useful for greater cybersecurity.

Bitdefender Total Security is also compatible with smartphones, if they run under the iOS operating system or under its competitor Android.

Sometimes, using an antivirus is essential. Particularly for freelancers who process clients' personal data. If these are found in the wild and the manager has not protected himself well, he may be held responsible by the victims.

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