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Body found in Quebec: one of the co-accused regains his freedom

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The courthouse of the city of Quebec

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One of the co-defendants in the case of the body torn apart in September in Quebec can regain his freedom.

Jean-Philippe Lamontagne, who is accused of complicity after the murder and indignity to a corpse, will however have to respect several conditions.

The Superior Court allowed him to regain his freedom at the end of a hearing subject to a publication ban order.

Cassandra Major, who faces the same charges, also tried to convince judge Carl Thibault to release her, but the hearing will continue Tuesday in her case.

For Lamontagne, the prosecution agreed that the guarantees were sufficient to allow him to await his trial outside the walls.< /p>

He will have to go live with his parents in Victoriaville and respect a curfew, in particular.

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His father and mother have agreed to pay $10,000 each, if the' 44-year-old man did not respect his conditions.

A friend of Jean-Philippe Lamontagne also made a financial commitment of 5,000 dollars.

Lamontagne must refrain from communicating with the owner of the shredder which would have been used to mutilate the corpse of Santiago Gaona.

According to the accusations, the 26-year-old man was killed in Contrecoeur, in Montérégie, by François Bouchard. The latter would subsequently have had the complicity of Major and Lamontagne to make his corpse disappear in Quebec.

If the prosecution agreed that Lamontagne could benefit from release, she continues to oppose it in the case of Cassandra Major who has a longer criminal record.

As for François Bouchard, accused of first degree murder, he did not request release.< /p>

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