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Boeing: the black streak continues for the aircraft manufacturer

Already under supervision à following a succession of problems occurring on its aircraft, Boeing is the subject of a new investigation.

The scenario repeats itself. A new incident has occurred on a Boeing plane. The Air France plane connecting Los Angeles & Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport disappointed settle down à Montreal, on the night of Thursday at Friday. An emergency landing due to a smell of burning &agrav; edge ". The 300 passengers on the flight were quite frightened, forced to land at the airport. Montreal after 5 hours of flight. The cause of the alert has not been determined. identified. Earlier in the week, Tuesday May 7, an Air France Boeing 787-900 had already ; dû make an emergency landing due to a hot smell detected at edge. He was thené disarray &agrav; Iqaluit, Canada. These two events occur after a series of incidents. Eleven people were arrested. injured, four of them seriously, when a chartered Boeing plane crashed by the company Air Sén&eac;gal went off the runway during takeoff, Thursday, May 9. 

The American civil aviation agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has decided to take action. to open an investigation into whether the mandatory inspections were carried out. carried out on certain long-haul 787 Dreamliners, one of the aircraft manufacturer's emblematic aircraft. This investigation aims in particular to: ;agrave; ensure that inspections concerning the joining of the wings to the fuselage on certain aircraft have been carried out properly. carried out at following the loss in flight, on January 5, of a cap holder by an Alaska Airlines plane. Indeed, the aircraft manufacturer must since re-inspect all 787 aircraft still in production and must also develop a plan to develop “take care of the fleet in service”, specifies the FAA.

Whistleblowers warn of danger

Four current or former employees of the aircraft manufacturer alerted on the 737 Max, the 787 Dreamliner and the 777 following the door torn off after takeoff ;an Alaska Airlines 737 Max. These four whistleblowers point to serious production problems on the three aircraft. They declared it during an audition in front of American senators at Washington. One of them describes, for example, manufacturing shortcuts on the 787 or even insufficient inspections which can reduce safety. planes. Boeing has denied whistleblowers' accusations of possible safety failures.

Teilor Stone

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