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Boeing: why is the American aircraft manufacturer accumulating technical problems ?

With the new mishap involving a Boeing 777 on Thursday, the list of incidents involving the aircraft manufacturer's aircraft is growing.

New scare this Thursday, March 7! A Boeing 777 departing from Sant Francisco and à destination of Japan finally had toû land à Los Angeles after a tire on its left landing gear failed during takeoff. In addition to the numerous damages caused by this fall, the tire having bounced and damaged the tire. several cars in one of the airport's parking lots, as reported by Le Monde, that's it! especially a new incident involving the famous American aircraft manufacturer which comes on top of that. a list already available long! 

Certainly, experts believe that in this specific case, it is more the maintenance teams than the manufacturer who are to blame. The fact remains that Boeing already had made spoken from him in January when the engine of a 747 caught fire in mid-flight, reported at the time of TF1 Info, or again, shortly before this incident, when the door of a Boeing 737 MAX 9 from Alaska Airlines broke away in mid-flight, according to L'Usine nouvelle. In March 2019, the flight suspension of all Boeing 737 Max had even been suspended. decided after the two crashes involving Lion Air planes in October 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines. This suspension had taken effect; the start of the black series for Boeing. 

While some have spoken of the 737 Max as a curse since its creation in 2015, the model is often implied to be a curse. In the various incidents reported, the journalist   l'Aérospatium, Caroline Bruneau, questioned by TF1 Info, provides a more reasoned response to this black series. According to her, "Boeing laid offé many engineers, they have greatly reduced their design office. But that's not all, according to Caroline Bruneau, the American aircraft manufacturer has also, on the one hand, “lowered” ;eacute; its quality of production", and on the other hand, "b&eac;néficié “too much indulgence on the part of the American regulatory authorities.” One thing is sure, as the saying goes, one person’s misfortune makes another person’s happiness. And while Boeing is trying to redress the situation, the European Airbus has an order book that is enough to make people envious!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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