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Borzhemska rozpovila, which products are better than vikoristati for a healthy snack

Borzhemska rose, what products are better than vikoristati for a healthy snack

Marina Borzhemska. Photo: instagram.com/uzelkova.marina

Marina Borzhemska, leading the project “Happy Days” on STB, fakhіvchinya from the right food and fitness trainer spoke about the products that will give you the advantage for a snack.

Last week, about 19:50, Marina Borzhemska, together with Nadiya Matveeva and Andriy Zhelvetro, will continue to help the heroes of reality change their lives. Valuable expertise can be shared not only on the air, but also in social settings. So, Marina learned how to make healthy and brown snacks.

It is important and necessary to eat a snack, otherwise you risk eating for the evening, and the rest of your meal should be as low-calorie and light as possible. Or another option: you will eat randomly all day long, whatever catches your eye, and you will be forever hungry. You need to have a snack 2-3 years after your main meal.

  • – Gorikhs are a useful treasure. Almost all types of peas contain a high dose of vitamins E and B3, rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. The stench reduces memory, creation and concentration of respect and efficiency. Be careful with this product: peas are very high in calories, so you can’t eat more than 10-20 grams at a time.
  • – Fruits and berries – if we are talking about a healthy snack, then we are immediately aware of berries and fruits. And here the trace reveals a commonality. Of course, all fruits and berries are brown, rich in cellulose, vitamins and minerals. However, some of them, for example, grapes, bananas, figs, mangoes, persimmons and cherries, have a lot of zucchini. If you follow the figure, you don’t want to drown in them too much. Focus on fruits and berries with a small amount of zucchini: grapefruit, kavun, polunitsa, crane, lokhina, raspberry. Apples, which have long become a symbol of dietary food, are also a fruity product. They are rich in vitamins, smell rich in fat and cellulose, and may have power and appetite.
  • – Vegetables and greens – there are no shortage of fruits here. Celery stalks or sheep salad are the ideal healthy snack. Vegetables and greens, both fresh and heat-treated, are rich in cellulose, vitamins and antioxidants, they preserve youth, help preserve your figure and improve your health. The best vegetables include: broccoli, radish, carrots, eggplant, sweet peppers, cabbage, celery. If you don't want to eat vegetable salads, bake the vegetables on the grill. You can also make a sandwich with them on whole grain bread.
  • – Fermented milk products. Natural yogurt, kefir, ryazhanka and other fermented milk products are a delicious and light snack. Bonus – high content of calcium, a good material for teeth and brushes. Lactobacilli present in kefir help maintain normal intestinal microflora.
  • – Smoothies are a good option for those who don’t particularly like vegetable and fruit salads. Smut – do not add syrup, frost or sweet yogurt to the smoothie.
  • – A cup of chicory or pure kava chi tea with a dash of chocolate. The mixture of chalked chicory is very similar to kava, but this drink has a clear advantage: it does not contain caffeine and does not push the pressure. A cup of chicory with a dash of dark chocolate is a dose of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. And chicory also contains inulin, a substance that helps to better absorb calcium and support healthy intestinal microflora and normal vagus.

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