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Bouygues and Orange upgraded by this operator's new mobile plan

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Choosing the right mobile plan can sometimes be a real obstacle course. With the countless offers offered by telecom operators, it is sometimes difficult to see clearly. The best solution to make big savings on this expense item is to opt for a flexible mobile plan, which is much more advantageous, both in terms of price and comfort of use.

Among the market players, Prixtel is the one that offers this type of packages. Their main advantage is the flexibility they offer to their subscribers. In other words, they can adapt automatically, depending on each individual's needs. Currently, a special offer allows you to take advantage of the per month.

To discover this flexible mobile plan, it's here:

This also includes traditional telephone services, including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and from abroad (EU and DOM). For your getaways to European Union countries and overseas departments, you also have 15 GB. Enough to always stay connected and communicate with your loved ones when you have to travel.

What are the differences between a classic package and a flexible package?

The best way for you to see the advantages offered by the flexible mobile plans offered by Prixtel is to compare them to the classic mobile plans of other operators. Concretely, when you subscribe to an offer with Bouygues, Orange or Free, you have a fixed internet package, telephone services, all for a price that never changes.

In other words, when you go with a 100 GB plan billed at 9.99 euros per month, you will always pay this same amount no matter what… even if you only use 50 GB. In the event that you opt out of the package, some operators charge you a small fortune for the additional MB. Which in the end can cost you a lot of money. At Prixtel, everything is planned to avoid this kind of inconvenience and offer you the best possible user experience.

On the Le grand package, you have a basic 130 GB for 9.99 euros. If you don't use more, this rate will remain the same at the end of the month. If you need more internet, you have the second tranche between 130 GB and 150 GB which is billed at 11.99 euros. Finally, the last range located between 150 GB and 170 GB will cost you 13.99 euros. Concretely, you therefore have 2 20 GB internet extensions, each billed 2 euros more.

To move from one level to another, you don't have to do anything. Every month, Prixtel checks the amount of internet you have consumed and adjusts your mobile bill accordingly. This approach therefore allows its customers to only pay for what they actually consume. Which in itself is much more economical than the classic model adopted by the majority of other telecom players on the market.

A complete range for all profiles

In addition to the Le grand package that we have just mentioned, Prixtel offers 3 others which use the same operating principle. On its website, you can see formulas entitled Oxygène, Le petit, or even Le jardin. All offer the same telephone services as the Le grand package, with the famous unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. What distinguishes them from each other is the quantity of internet available in France and abroad.

Also with a little special feature for the The Giant package, which is the only one in the range to offer 5G. For the rest, these are also available on the SFR network, and are obviously without long-term commitment. Whichever one you use, the SIM card is at a single rate of 10 euros. This must be paid when you register, after which you will receive it by post, generally within 48 hours.

Another important clarification regarding Prixtel. As we said, it is a virtual operator. Which means that it does not have any physical store and that all of its services are only accessible via the internet, from your subscriber area or the mobile application. That said, this doesn't mean you won't have support if you need it. On the contrary, Prixtel in no way neglects customer relations, and it attaches particular importance to its subscribers. Its customer service is also known to be reliable and responsive.

It was also rewarded in 2021 for its effectiveness, and 82.7% of its subscribers recommend it. If you want to form your own opinion on the quality of its packages and services, you can test them for yourself, since in any case, this does not commit you in any way. Remember that changing operators is child's play. It only takes a few minutes, and you can also keep your current phone number using your RIO code. The latter is obtained by calling 3179 from your current line.

Once communicated to Prixtel, it will then take care of transferring your number to your new line. The icing on the cake is that he/she will also take all the necessary steps with your former operator to cancel your current plan. So you no longer have any excuses to stop by and start making real savings on your mobile bill.

To see all the current mobile offers, it's here:

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