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But where did Maps go in your Google results ?

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Ah, Google Maps! For several years, this service has been an essential ally for many users. In addition to offering a route (on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car), Google's mapping tool indicates times, crowds or even the notice concerning a public place, such as a café, a museum or restaurant.

The Google Maps application regularly benefits from updates or new features to improve the user experience. But Google Maps is also available on your search engine. All you have to do is type an address or location into Google for the service to display a map and all the features that go with it. You can then consult consumer reviews, photos of the place, access the website and calculate an itinerary.

But that was before! For several days, Maps is no longer displayed in Google search results. And that’s really annoying. When you type an address into Google, Maps is missing. A still image appears but it is impossible to click on it to calculate a route or consult reviews.

But where did Maps go in your Google results ?

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Unfortunately, Google Maps is a collateral victim of the DMA (Digital Market Act), a text aimed at limiting the monopoly of large digital companies… Like Google. Good news: it is possible to recover Maps, like in the good old days.

When Europe wants to limit Google's monopoly

This is not a scoop: Google, like Amazon, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft and even Apple, blithely dominate the Internet. And the European Union doesn’t like that. With its DMA, it intends to strengthen competition in order to give companies that do not have the scale of GAFAM and other behemoths a chance to take part in the digital economy.

< p>Thus, Google services are linked. The search engine is, for example, associated with the Maps service to simplify the experience for Internet users. If it's very practical, it's true, it's a way for Google to have control over the Internet. As the DMA comes into force on March 6, 2024, Google Maps is being put aside.

If you want to benefit again from the link between the Google search engine and Maps, it's not very complicated. Simply go to your Google settings to associate the Google services that interest you.

But where did Maps go in your Google results ?

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  • Open Google account settings
  • Go to “Data & Privacy”
  • Scroll down to “Related Google Services
  • Click on “Manage associated services
  • Check the services you want to associate
  • Confirm your choices

But where did Maps go in your Google results ?

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