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Call of Duty Black Ops 6: a first video leaked earlier than expected

A video revealed by an enthusiast site little confirms that this is true. few rumors about the release of a next game in the Call of Duty saga.

It should be one of the major announcements of the Xbox Show Cases event which will be held in just two weeks, on June 9, 2024. However, its secret is not ;#39;could not be kept for so long by the video game development company Activision. A first leak and not the least original reveals the first details on the next game in the Call of Duty saga. 

Avid fans of the famous video game have obtained the first images of the one that should be called &quot ;Call of Duty Black Ops 6", pending its official release. Relayed on a promotional site on the evening of May 22, 2024, The True Lies, users were able to control an old television in order to play a game. change channels, pause, turn the volume up or down. But it’s on the first channel that everything happens. It shows agents climbing the Mount Rushmore site at night. During the day, a banner “The Truth lies” is carefully positioned on faces of the four historical figures of the country. On this banner, the logo of Cerbère à three heads refers to the him in the code name of the next Xbox conference. 

These first rumors provide a little more comfort to video game enthusiasts regarding the possibility of the announcement of a new work for the Call of Duty saga. It is clear that Activision should communicate in the coming days about its next game. As a reminder, the famous Wall Street Journal reported according to Microsoft, the availability of upcoming Call of Duty games as they release on Xbox Game Pass. A surprising strategy defended by Sarah Bond, current president of Xbox. Its subscription service now has low costs, enough to delight fans of video games. However, it will be necessary to wait for official details on June 9, the date of the Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

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