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Car theft: leaving your keys near the door to avoid violence is a good idea?

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The number break-ins with the aim of stealing a car are on a marked increase, according to police. (Archives)

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Advice from a police officer who suggested leaving your car keys near the front door of the house to avoid violent confrontations with potential car thieves sparks controversy in Toronto.

At a community meeting on February 27 at the Etobicoke Civic Center in west Toronto, Toronto police Marco Ricciardi advised those in attendance to leave their car keys near their door. entrance in order to avoid potential violent confrontations with car thieves who could be armed.

Since The number of break-ins with the aim of stealing a car is rising markedly in Toronto, to prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your keys near the front door, advised Marco Ricciardi, as reported by CityNews.

All they want is your car. Many of the people who get arrested are carrying guns and they are not toys. These are real guns and they are loaded.

However, these comments do not pleases everyone, including Prime Minister Doug Ford, who strongly opposed the police officer's statements. Additionally, the Toronto Police Service issued a press release on Thursday to provide further details.

In a statement posted on its website Wednesday, the Toronto Police Service clarified that while the advice was well-intentioned, there are other ways to prevent car theft-related break-ins.

The Toronto police recommend, among other things, parking your vehicle in the garage, lighting your parking lot well at night, installing a security system, surveillance cameras and motion detectors as well as equipping your doors with multi-point locks.

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According to police authorities in the Queen City, break-ins with the aim of stealing a car increased by 400% in 2023.

They are concerned, among other things, about an increase in violence due to the fact that all kinds of weapons, including firearms, are used to steal vehicles, including during break-ins.

According to police data, 12,170 vehicles were stolen in Toronto in 2023, compared to 3,628 in 2014.

Questioned on the subject on Friday, Prime Minister Doug Ford reacted strongly to the controversial advice of the police officer and advocated the strong method to tackle crime .

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Premier Doug Ford says car thieves face tougher penalties . (Archives)

Marco [Ricciardi] is a friend of mine and he's probably one of the best police officers in the country, but I didn't understand his answer, he said.

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We could also leave them cookies and milk with a note: &amp ;quot;Dear Mr. Criminal, the keys are in the mailbox, don't break down my door.

A quote from Doud Ford, Prime Minister of Ontario

According to him, people who commit crimes find themselves free too quickly and too often. He believes the federal government needs to impose harsher sentences on criminals to discourage them from committing crimes.

I have asked my solicitor general to start building more prisons if the ones we have are full. They are at maximum capacity at the moment, he added.

The police officer's advice also caused a reaction on social media where some politicians deplored Mr. Ricciardi's advice.

Unreal. Police say to leave your car keys near your door so criminals can safely take your car without having to attack your family. Crime. Chaos. 8 years of Trudeau, published the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, on Wednesday, on This is not a reasonable way to deal with car thefts, said Mississauga city councilor and mayoral candidate Alvin Tedjo, also on X, Thursday.

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