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Carman murders: judge orders psychological evaluation of accused

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Ryan Manoakeesick's victims are identified as his partner, Amanda Clearwater, his children , Bethany, Jayven and Isabella Manoakeesick, as well as a teenager, Myah Gratton. (Archive photo)


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A Manitoba Provincial Court judge on Monday approved a request for the man accused of killing five people , including her three children, is undergoing a psychological evaluation.

Attorney Morgan Lawrence has requested an evaluation of his client's mental health in order to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

Me Lawrence maintains that the defense cannot release details, but that in speaking with Ryan Howard Manoakeesick over the past two weeks, she had concerns.

Provincial Court Judge Donald R. Slough approved the request for an assessment which will take place over the next month.

The accused, aged 29, appeared by videoconference.

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Ryan Howard Manoakeesick is accused of five first degree murders, including those of his partner, their three children and his partner's cousin.

The victims were found in three different locations in the surrounding area from Carman, February 11.

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