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CES 2024: follow all the announcements from the Las Vegas show live as if you were there!

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Like every year, Las Vegas hosts the largest Tech show in the world. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2024 edition is more than ever the Tech event of the year. After a complicated Covid period and some uncertainties during the last editions, CES 2024 is regaining all its splendor.

To ensure you don't miss anything from this unmissable event, we suggest you find all the CES 2024 announcements here and live.< /p>

The main trends of CES 2024

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the big star of CES in Las Vegas. After the explosion of ChatGPT between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, many players have rushed into this sector of the future. Thus, AI should be everywhere: in cars, telecommunications, TVs, household appliances, etc.

This edition should also take on the appearance of a car show. Rapid developments in the electric car market have gradually transformed CES into a flagship show for this industry. In addition to new models, the sector should present major software developments, particularly in terms of autonomous driving, all against the backdrop of AI (again).

Powered by the&#8217 ;announcement of Apple's Vision Pro, virtual reality and augmented reality should also be in the spotlight.Even before the start of the show, some brands have already presented augmented reality glasses. Enough to outline the major trends of 2024 as Apple prepares to reveal more details about its Vision Pro.

The corridors of CES should also host a large number of stands dedicated to connected health and well-being. French Tech is once again well represented this year with big names like Withings which announced a device allowing constants to be taken even before the opening of the show.

Finally, the players in home automation should also present some little nuggets allowing us to glimpse the house of tomorrow, with a focus made on safety, a new major concern for consumers.

CES 2024 : live info

You don't want to miss anything from CES 2024 ? Good news, the entire Presse-citron editorial staff is mobilized to make you experience the event as if you were there. Here, you will find all the show's announcements, from the most bombastic to the most original or unusual.

Find here articles, briefs, photos and videos on the announcements and news from the biggest Tech show of the year.

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