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Châtellerault: police officers accused of sexual assault, an investigation opened

An investigation was carried out into the matter. opened after the complaint of a person accusing certain police officers from the Châtellerault police station of sexual assault. The facts denounced would have been committed at the beginning of April during an on-call shift view.

The Châtellerault police station is at the heart of an investigation. The public prosecutor's office in Poitiers, in Vienne, announced having opened "a preliminary investigation into sexual assault" reports BFMTV, this Friday, April 26. This decision was made taken after the filing of a complaint on Monday, April 15, alleging sexual abuse. The facts in question would have been committed at the beginning of April at least during a guard duty. seen inside the police station.

The author of the complaint is an individual who had been placed in custody &agrav; seen at the time of the facts and who was "suspected of concealing narcotics on his person" specifiedé the prosecutor of the Republic of Poitiers, Cyril Lacombe, with the continuous news channel. The complainant was é searched after having been é informed of his placement in custody à view, a systematic judicial act to ensure that those kept in custody sight do not have any dangerous objects or illicit substances on them. In this case, the police seemed to be looking specifically for drugs. But the complainant qualifiedé the body search for sexual assault. More precisely, he indicates that several police officers allegedly touched him. private parts.

After opening an investigation, the investigations must “determine the circumstances and conditions of the search carried out within the framework of child care. view, as well as the existence of a possible sexual assault committed against her. this occasion", indicated Cyril Lacombe.

Teilor Stone

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