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ChatGPT: artificial intelligence will soon be able to remember your conversations

The most famous artificial intelligence platform is getting ready to launch. evolve once again with the addition of a memory function.

It's not risky; in advance that ChatGPT has scored a turning point in the era of the internet and social networks. The famous OpenAI platform has inspired many other companies & embark on the development of their own artificial intelligence to appeal to the general public. Although ChatGPT is &agrav; the origin of such a movement, the platform intends to continue to evolve with a new functionality. baptized "memory".

Announced by the company OpenAI, the "memory" will allow &agrav; ChatGPT to correct one of its biggest flaws. So far, if you launched a new ChatGPT page, the AI ​​acted as if it was the very first time you were talking to each other. She therefore knows nothing about your habits and previous requests.

The new "memory" will now allow ChatGPT & keep in mind the different points that may be useful to you in your future. the future. You asked? &agrav; the AI ​​to create a detailed schedule for you for this weekend ? She can send it back to you if you ask her for it another day. You live à a precise location and already have it indicated &agrav; ChatGPT some time ago ? The AI ​​will know that you live here and will therefore be able to guide you more effectively if you are looking for an address or directions to your destination. from your home.

ChatGPT: artificial intelligence will soon be able to remember your conversations

ChatGPT will now be able to respond to your questions. this type of request. © OpenAI

This new feature However, it remains as interesting as it is worrying. A user may not want the AI ​​to remember personal matters about them. OpenAI spoke out &agrav; this subject by declaring that ChatGPT will not retain the most sensitive subjects such as those concerning health. of the user. The "memory" This can also be deactivated so that you can use ChatGPT without it retaining your requests.

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