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ChatGPT has selective memory: how to take advantage of it ?

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OpenAI continues to improve its flagship product, ChatGPT. And lately, the AI ​​lab has continued to offer new features that allow users to personalize the way its chatbot responds to prompts. For example, ChatGPT already has a feature called “custom instructions” that allows the AI ​​to save user preferences. For example, it is possible to use this functionality to specify the field in which we work, the purpose for which we use the AI, so that it takes this into account in each response.

OpenAI also offers the functionality called “GPTs” which allows you to create modified versions of ChatGPT for specific uses or domains. And now, OpenAI is testing another new feature that will allow its chatbot to have a memory that allows it to optimize for each user. “When chatting with ChatGPT, you can ask it to remember something specific or let it retrieve the details itself. ChatGPT's memory will improve the more you use it and you will start to notice improvements over time”, we read in the announcement of this new feature.

Currently, this is still being tested with a small number of users of the free version and ChatGPT Plus. For example, it allows an employee to tell the AI ​​in which format meeting summaries should be presented. The owner of an SME can also explain to ChatGPT what type of business they run, so that the AI ​​takes this activity into account when generating text for social networks. In other words, it will be enough to provide this kind of precision once, so that ChatGPT remembers it for future replies.

Selective memory

Obviously, this ultra-personalization of artificial intelligence can be deactivated in the settings, when it is available to everyone world.

In addition, memory is selective. Still in the settings, ChatGPT allows you to manage the elements memorized by the AI, and to delete them.
Otherwise, it is possible to directly ask ChatGPT to forget things.< /p>

ChatGPT has selective memory: how to take advantage of it ?

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Unfortunately, at the moment, OpenAI is still seeing if this feature is useful for users, through testing. But he indicates that he will give more information on the deployment later. Regarding privacy, OpenAI says: “We may use content you provide to ChatGPT, including Memories, to improve our models for everyone. If you wish, you can disable this feature through your data controls. As always, we will not train on ChatGPT Team and Enterprise client content.”

  • After personalized instructions and GPTs, OpenAI presents a new way to personalize artificial intelligence
  • “Memory” will allow users to indicate certain preferences to the AI , so that it takes it into account later
  • The memory is selective, since we can also ask the AI ​​to forget elements or even manage this memory in settings
  • At the moment it is unknown when ChatGPT memory will be available to everyone

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