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ChatGPT: the 2 new free features to try urgently

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On May 13, OpenAI presented its new GPT-4o model. And instead of reserving all the new features of this model for users of the paid version of ChatGPT, the company is offering some of them to users of the free version. For the first time, users of this free version are no longer limited to the GPT-3.5 model and can send more complex queries to the AI, while getting higher quality responses.

And this change, which OpenAI announced two weeks ago, is starting to roll out now. If you use ChatGPT for free, you should receive a pop-up message notifying you of the update. Thanks to this, you have the possibility to choose between the GPT-3.5 or GPT-4o model, but with a usage limit.

If OpenAI has already deployed this change to your account, you should have a new selector in the ChatGPT chat on the web, which allows you to choose between the two models.

ChatGPT: the 2 new free features to try urgently

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GPT-4o : what advantages over the free version ?

When you use GPT-4o, instead of GPT-3.5, on the free version, you have access to a higher level of intelligence. Besides that, this model allows you to analyze data, and generate graphs, include photos in your prompts, or put a file online for analysis, summary, etc. In other words, thanks to GPT-4o, the free version of ChatGPT becomes smarter and includes more features.

However, there are some features that do not will only be accessible if you use a paid offer. And OpenAI explains that the GPT-4o usage limit is 5 times higher if you are a paid ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

You can now enjoy GPTs for free

In addition to offering the GPT-4o model for free, OpenAI also makes the “GPTs” functionality free. This already existed, but was not available for free. In short, it is a platform that allows users (and businesses) to create modified versions of ChatGPT for specific uses. OpenAI has even created a GPT store that allows you to explore which versions of ChatGPT may be useful to you.

To explore this store, simply click on “Explore GPT” in the sidebar on the right.

ChatGPT: the 2 new free features to try urgently

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As you can see in the screenshot below, there are already many categories of GPTs.

ChatGPT: the 2 new free features to try urgently

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  • Two weeks ago, OpenAI presented its new GPT model- 4o
  • He also announced new features for users of the free version of ChatGPT
  • This free version allows you to use the GPT model -4o, smarter, but with a limit on the number of messages
  • Users of the free version also have access to the GPT store (modified versions of ChatGPT for specific uses)

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