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Children on bicycles hit in La Rochelle: a little girl died... How are the other victims ?

After the road accident involving seven children in bike and a motorist, a 10-year-old girl died this Friday, June 7, indicated the La Rochelle prosecutor's office. The day before, the child had been declared brain dead.

The 10-year-old girl, hit by a car while driving nearby bike with its air center Wednesday June 5 in the streets of La Rochelle, died, indicated the prosecution, this Friday, June 7. After the accident, little Margot had been taken into custody. heliport to Tours hospital in "absolute emergency" and 24 hours later, doctors declared her brain dead. nbsp;

The drama also involved six other of his comrades, reports Midi Libre. During a press point, the general secretary of the Charente-Maritime prefecture, Emmanuel Cayron, announced on Wednesday ;a "very heavy balance sheet" and a 'testing scene' for all who saw it."

While two children were able to leave the hospital on Wednesday, until Thursday, another 10-year-old child was “in absolute emergency, still hospitalized” in a “serious condition in Poitiers. A 9-year-old girl, initially hospitalized in La Rochelle in relative emergency, was transferred to Poitiers for observation. An 11-year-old child hospitalized in La Rochelle in absolute emergency is experiencing a positive evolution in its state of health, France Info lists, adding that a fifth and final little girl aged 9, in relative emergency, was operated on Thursday morning at La Rochelle and remains “in a “stable condition”.

Psychological help 

Part of the group of 12 children and the leaders were spared. But the shock of the accident traumatized more than one. “He was very scared. […] He saw the car arrive, the children hit, blood, screams", confided the father of a child who was not injured on RMC. Arrangements have been made to support students and families who would like to talk about this accident in several schools in the town.

The driver, aged 83, was hospitalised in a psychiatric hospital and has not yet been interviewed by investigators. She was tested “negative for alcohol and drugs”, stressed the public prosecutor of La Rochelle, Arnaud Laraize, in a press release. The prosecution has reclassified the investigation opened initially for “unintentional injuries by the driver of a vehicle”, as “unintentional manslaughter by the driver of a motor vehicle”. 

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