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“Conspiracy theories” and “admiration for Putin”: who is this new RN candidate for the Europeans ?

Departmental representative of the National Rally in Paris. Mayotte, Saidali Boina Hamissi who describes Vladimir Putin as a "visionary" will be present on the list led by Jordan Bardella in the next European elections.

Since Mayotte, last Saturday, Marine Le Pen announcedé the nomination to the National Rally (RN) list of Saidali Boina Hamissi for the European elections. The Member of Parliament for Pas-de-Calais was delighted to have in her ranks for the first time a Mahorais among her candidates. Member since 2017, Saidali Boina Hamissi is the strong man of the party. Mayotte for over a year.

Âgé At 63 years old, he should not be in an eligible position on the list led by Jordan Bardella until the continental vote. 'I don't have the exact location. There will be two overseas representatives who will be in an eligible position and therefore probably in an ineligible position. for the latter, indicated Marine Le Pen. "Unless the voters decide otherwise" she explained on the television channel La 1ère. A craze which could quickly die down due to the attacks against his running mate, after numerous questionable publications from the Mahorais on his Facebook page, revealed this Monday by the newspaper Libération

"Vermin" and "cockroaches"

Polygamy, conspiracy theory, admiration for Putin, controversial remarks about women… The publications seen on the Mahorais Facebook account raise questions. "A woman's submission comes naturally when she feels loved, protected and valued (sic) by her husband" relates in particular Lib&eac;ration. In messages dating from 2017, he calls "vermin" and "cockroaches" the inhabitants of a district of Mamoudzou targeted by a police operation.

A few years later, in 2022, he also relayed a video of the page "The Pan-Africanists" maintaining that there is no such thing as Islamic territory. These are mercenaries recruited, paid, trained, armed and protected by Western governments , notably those of the US and France. But that's not all, the 63-year-old man equates vaccines against Covid-19 with a "business" &agrav; cause of which "you risk dying". Finally, he described Kremlin master Vladimir Putin as a "visionary" in March 2022, shortly after the Russian army invaded Ukraine. A message to which he added: "France will become in twenty years the colony of its former colonies", a quote from the Russian president.

"Did we watch' the values ​​carried by this candidate ?"

The appointment of Saidali Boina Hamissi was not long in coming. &agrav; get the majority to react. The messages revealed by Libération had the gift of ulcerating government spokesperson, Prisca Thevenot: "Sorry, but did we look" this candidate ? Did we look at this candidate ? the values ​​carried by this candidate ? I am talking about Mr. Saidali Boina Hamissi who participated in the election. &agrav; conspiracy theories, which has extremely serious and dangerous remarks about the place of women, on the supposed submission of women in relation to their spouse" she indicated. this Tuesday on the LCI set.

The Minister of Overseas Marie Guévenoux, was noté neither tender with the Mahorais: "This gentleman, visibly, has an admiration for Putin, he supports polygamy, he makes extremely dehumanizing remarks. What strikes me about the National Rally is that it's never their fault. we could hear on Sud Radio. Finally, when asked about the absence of a complete official list in the camp of the majority, (Renaissance), Prisca Thevenot held à put another layer on the National Gathering: "It will arrive. I prefer to take the time rather than doing a quick and dangerous little casting like the RN" she castigates. À less than two months before the European election, the blows are raining.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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