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Content Warning: what is this game with 6 million copies sold that is a hit on Steam ?

With more than 6 million players owning the title, the Content Warning game enjoys widespread notoriety. as sudden as it is surprising.

It's through an official post' on the game's Steam page "Content Warning" that the developers shared their astonishment: "Hello & all ! The last 24 hours have been very difficult. movement, we absolutely did not imagine having 200,000 players at once and 6.2 million copies sold in just 24 hours – THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE !".

It must be said that the sudden success of "Content Warning" is surprising. Released on April 1, 2024, the game had its own way of celebrating April Fool's Day since it was proposed to be released on April 1, 2024. completely free for 24 hours. It took no less for the announcement to be shared en masse on social networks and good deal sites. The earplugs having their little effect, "Content Warning" was finally é claimed more than 6 million times during its promotion day.

When Logan Paul meets Lethal Company

But what is "Content Warning" ? The title is reminiscent of another, also fairly recent success: "Lethal Company".

Armed with your courage (and a few flashlights), you and your friends will have to venture into disreputable and abandoned factories in order to find their way to the next level. shoot a viral YouTube video there. The goal ?  Film as many paranormal events and determined creatures as possible. shred your team of amateur videographers.

Players are therefore invited to play their part. behave like YouTubers for several days and à risk their lives by filming up close all kinds of monsters with behaviors that are as dangerous as they are unexpected. The title also offers the purchase of accessories such as microphones, sound effects, sound booms and many other worthy equipment ;a real small production.

Content Warning: what is this game with 6 million copies sold that is a hit on Steam ?

© Landfall

Once your images have been recovered (and certain members of the team have accidentally disappeared), it is then possible to view your short film and publish it on a site similar to YouTube to create buzz and earn money spend.

A buzz à title image

You will understand, if "Content Warning" is getting so much attention, it's not just because the game is well designed and allows you to spend excellent evenings with friends. Its short period of free granted him a certain sudden fame, all fueled by by several influencers posting clips of their adventures on social networks.

The title is already already in use. victim of its success since the servers are in difficulty since the release of "Content Warning". The developers of the game, Landfall Publishing, know this well and are currently working hard to fix the few bugs and connection issues inherent to the large number of players connected.

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