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Criminal Record (Apple TV+): why the start of the series amazed us

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Apple TV+ only releases relatively few series compared to its rivals, but the streaming platform has a habit of hitting the mark with quality content. This is once again the case with Criminal Record, a British thriller which has just been launched this week. We've seen the first two episodes of this fiction, and we want more.

A very gripping story

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In Criminal Record, it all starts with a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. A young woman says she is in danger and she awakens an old affair that is around ten years old. June Lenker (Cush Jumbo), a young police officer takes matters into her own hands. But as she investigates, she eventually realizes that another law enforcement official, Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi), may have made a mistake in the past.

We won't say more so as not to spoil the surprise for you, but this scenario manages to captivate us without overdoing it. Especially since unlike other detective series, Criminal Record has other things to show than the simple resolution of a crime.

A police duel

The great strength of the series also lies in this clash between two charismatic personalities who are completely opposite: June and Daniel. The first is young and very involved in her role as an investigator. During this introduction, she appears sometimes impetuous, sometimes naive depending on the circumstances.

Across from her, Daniel is an experienced cop, but also consumed by his mistakes and his past mistakes. Well versed in internal power relations, he does not hesitate to make June understand that she must not go too far. We are dealing with a beautiful duel with escalations, and curiosity takes precedence over what will follow at the end of these first two episodes.

London filmed authentically

But the third main character in this series is not human, it is a city& nbsp;: London. We witness scenes of ultraviolence in working-class neighborhoods, but also splendid aerial views showing beautiful neighborhoods.

Cited by Le JDD, the screenwriter Paul Rutman assumed this choice: « I did not want to show a postcard London, but adopt a very urban look to put the viewer in the footsteps of the people who live there. It's a very mixed city, like Paris, with very different neighborhoods: I wanted to transcribe a very authentic flavor on screen. »

If you've started the series, don't hesitate to tell us what you thought of it in the comments.

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