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CyberGhost: a unique tool for complete online protection

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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have made a name for themselves on the global cybersecurity scene for several years now. And for good reason: this software allows you to optimally protect your personal data online. The only thing is: not all publishers on the internet offer a service of equivalent quality.

So, to avoid taking any risks, it is best to opt for a VPN provider that has proven itself. CyberGhost meets this criterion, and is currently offering its services at a reduced price (only €2.03 per month). Details follow.

Impeccable protection parameters

If CyberGhost is so renowned in the world of online security, it's no coincidence. Indeed, the tool combines functionalities to protect you from the risks inherent in the use of the Internet and connected applications, on all networks. When you start the software, it will encrypt your connection end-to-end.

This will therefore protect the data passing through it. At the same time, the VPN completely camouflages your IP address, which contains information such as your identity or your location. By these two actions, you browse completely anonymously and cut the rug out from under people with bad intentions.

No one will be able to know what you do online, not even your ISP or your employer. But as you can imagine, CyberGhost goes further than that. It notably offers options like the Kill Switch. This feature will suspend your traffic if the VPN disconnects. Your data therefore cannot be exposed, even accidentally.

Better yet: the software lets you choose which VPN protocol to use. Depending on your needs and the desired security, you can choose between very high-quality protocols such as OpenVPN or WireGuard.

Also, it is worth noting that CyberGhost is based in Romania and has a strict zero logs policy. This way, you are assured that your data is not stored and/or transferred in any way. And as we said above: the supplier is currently slashing prices.

The 2-year subscription to the tool receives an immediate 83% discount and adds 4 free months on top of that. You can subscribe for €56.94 for 28 months, the equivalent of only €2.03 per month.

Security, but not only

With CyberGhost, you will benefit from unparalleled security, but that's not all. Indeed, the tool is also able to allow you to thwart geo-blocks in order to navigate much more freely. Comment? It has more than 10,000 servers, in around a hundred countries around the globe.

From its application, you can very simply choose which of these countries you want to connect to and you will have an IP address there. This will take the place of your real IP address, and will therefore fool geolocation systems which will think that you are really in the selected territory, on this basis.

Once this is done, all you have to do is go online as usual and enjoy new content. By doing this, you can, for example, access the foreign catalogs of the main streaming platforms, but also television channels, game servers and websites from other countries (our guide to unblocking foreign sites).

Besides, CyberGhost offers servers optimized for streaming, gaming and downloading torrents. Its connection speeds are excellent and its compatibilities maximum. The software is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux) and is also suitable for televisions and connected boxes.

Also, note that an account with the provider gives you the right to 7 simultaneous connections, and that 24/7 support is there to ensure trouble-free use. It is therefore all the more advantageous to take advantage of the service provider's current promotion.

Remember that 83% discount and 4 free months apply to the 2-year subscription. . So, take advantage of it, you will have 45 days of money back guarantee to try the tool with peace of mind.

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