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Dacia Spring, 2024 version: what is the “cheapest expensive” electric car on the market worth ?

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When it was launched in 2021, the Dacia Spring had an unstoppable argument. It was (by far) the cheapest electric car on the market. But three years later, and after 120,000 units sold, Dacia wants to demonstrate that the Spring is still popular.

For good reason, in three years, the automobile market has evolved a lot, and the initial lines of the Spring are no longer up to date at all. To meet this new demand, Dacia has completely revised the exterior of the car. The new version of this electric car gives it the look of a small SUV, totally in tune with the times.

As for the price, Dacia is ;#8217;is well guarded from giving it away. The launch of the car should take place in the spring, in three different configurations. If we read the manufacturer's lines again, the new Dacia Spring should still be sold less expensive than the Citroën e-C3 and its €23,990.

Dacia Spring, what's new?

It is difficult for a car manufacturer to reinvent a car, especially when the latter has been a real commercial success. Dacia could have offered us a version very similar to that of 2021, but the manufacturer decided to take risks this year and arrives with a very different car.

The wheels are more imposing, the front of the car has 'Y' lighting, thus giving a little nod to the rest of the range and in particular the new Duster. If the car is still compact (3.70m in length), it comes in a more “sharp” and “sporty” despite a modest engine.

Inside the passenger compartment too, the new version of the Spring is surprising. Depending on the configurations, Dacia offers one or two touch screens. Here again, the manufacturer does not invent anything, but it remains in tune with the times and offers a typical car in the face of homogenous demand.

What engines for the Dacia Spring ?

The downside of this new Dacia Spring is undoubtedly its engine. With configurations ranging from 45 to 65 horsepower, the Spring is definitely not a racing beast. On the battery side, Dacia still relies on the 26.8 kWh unit which offers a range of 220 kilometers for 45 minutes of fast charging (from 20 to 80%). Here again, it’s a little light, especially when we know that the Citroën e-C3 has 324 kilometers on a single charge.

Dacia engineers have nevertheless managed to integrate a regenerative braking system, allowing the car to be slightly recharged when braking. Another advantage of this new version of the Spring, the battery has bidirectional charging. This option (at an additional cost) allows you to use the car's energy to operate other appliances in a home.

The ecological bonus, the big absentee

But the big novelty of 2024 for Dacia is not to be found in its cars. It is the modification of the rules of eligibility for the ecological bonus which risks hurting the manufacturer the most. Since the start of the year, only cars built in Europe have been entitled to this government discount; the Dacia Spring, manufactured in China, is therefore not entitled to it.

A new black spot in its long-distance fight with other entry-level electric cars like the Citroën e-C3 which falls below 19,000 euros with state aid. Difficult to see Dacia competing with such a price range.

The Dacia Spring, which had brought a large number of people to electric cars, could therefore pay a high price of this new regulation. It will be interesting to monitor the sales figures for this model in the coming months, they will be a key indicator for understanding the impact of the ecological bonus on consumer choice.

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