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Damaged packages: Amazon may have found the ultimate solution with AI

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Although it is relatively discreet on the subject compared to Google, Meta or Microsoft, Amazon is also working on generative artificial intelligence. And although it does not yet offer a chatbot like ChatGPT, Copilot or Gemini, generative AI is however already used in some of its warehouses to limit the number of damaged packages sent to customers.

In a blog post, Amazon has just presented a system it has called Project P.I. (private investigator). This project combines generative artificial intelligence with computer vision, and is already being used in certain warehouses in North America. Furthermore, the system seems to satisfy Amazon, since it is already planning to use Project P.I. on new sites.

In addition to damaged packages, this system can also identify problems like wrong color, wrong size, etc. “In addition, the P.I. project can help identify the root cause of problems, enabling preventive measures upstream to prevent them from recurring. At sites where the system is available, it has proven capable of sorting the millions of items that pass through the tunnels each month and accurately identifying product issues.” , also indicates the e-commerce giant.

Better customer satisfaction and a plus for the planet ?

Before being delivered, the item passes through an imaging tunnel, which allows for the P.I. project to come into action. When a problem is identified on an item, it is isolated. Then, the item identified as defective is inspected by a human, who decides if it can be resold via Amazon's Second Chance site, or if it should be donated, or if another way should be found. to use it.

And this system not only allows Amazon to increase customer satisfaction, it also allows it to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities. In fact, a defective package that has not been delivered means one less return (and transport). “AI helps Amazon ensure that we don't just delight our customers with high-quality items, but that we extend this customer obsession to our sustainability work by preventing less-than-perfect items from leaving our facilities and helping us avoid unnecessary carbon emissions from transportation, packaging and other steps in the returns process,” says Kara Hurst, vice president of global sustainability at Amazon.

Feedback analyzed by a large language model

Finally, Amazon also indicates that it already uses generative AI to analyze customer feedback. The e-commerce giant uses a large multimodal language model (which processes both text and images) to process customer feedback while also analyzing the images captured by the B.I project. Furthermore, this system should also help Amazon partners, who sell their products on the platform, to reduce shipments of defective packages, thanks to more accessible data.

Otherwise, we remind you that Amazon is already working on an improved version of its Alexa assistant which will rely on generative artificial intelligence. However, the customer may need to pay an additional subscription to use this enhanced version instead of the classic version of Alexa.

  • Amazon is also working on generative artificial intelligence and in certain warehouses, this technology is already used to limit shipments of defective packages
  • In addition to improving its service, Amazon also limits returns, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of its activities
  • Generative artificial intelligence is by elsewhere used to analyze feedback sent by customers
  • Later, Amazon is expected to launch an improved version of its Alexa assistant that will rely on generative AI< /li>

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